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Friday, May 09, 2008


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The best thing about popping in at MO's is the road trip I take every time I'm here.

You rock!


Aw, thanks! Actually, sometimes I feel a bit one-note. Blah blah blah my trip here, blah blah blah my trip there. Picture. Blah blah blah it was fun/pretty/interesting blah blah blah.

Then it's time for a post about God or something. Blah blah. It's good to know I'm not completely talking only to myself! Thanks Sissy!


Looks like a cool trip. Nice bike, too. Any trips to Sturgis in the future?

Larry Non Sequitur

Giants hurl cranapples!


Hey Tim! Where's Sturgis?

Hey, there's a cyclops! But wait, he's got two eyes. Must be a Bicyclops.

Miss Luongo

Sturgis, SD hosts one of the two big, famous, long-running bike rallies in the US. The other is Daytona's Bike Week. You'd love it. It's a sea of sweaty, loud, swollen Americans surging about in the summer heat drinking, smoking, and revving their engines. Heaven!


Hmmm... if they had a big bike rally in Martha's Vineyard, I'd be more likely to go. Or Vermont. Or um... Munich. But I couldn't ride my bike over there, I guess.

Pops Racer

"Or um... Munich. But I couldn't ride my bike over there, I guess."

You could if you bought our newest interpositive transponder - you can drive up mountains, kid! And use Button E for those long jumps over water.

Support family-owned racing!


It took me a while to get that reference, and when I finally figured it out, I was surprised that you thought I would get it. It looks like it'll be the dumbest movie ever.

Now, if you'd told me to strap on a red and gold exoskeleton and fly on over for Munich biker fest, I'd have been %90 on board. Right up until the stupid battle with the evil exoskeleton.


Come to the North Carolina mountains. They are bigger and prettier.

And you can stay for free.


I almost thought you were spam.

Das Blaue Nickel

What's 'spam' in German?


Das Spam.

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