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I'm a migrant worker with time done in Alaska in a cannery and crab boat, in Florida packing oranges, hotels in Germany, insanity in Baghdad, and some space travel, though that was purely for pleasure.


One day, as I was delivering auto parts for Sunshine Auto in Tannersville, PA, I said to myself, "Self, this is a mug's game. What reason do you have for not getting the hell out right now?" So I bought a backpack, filled it up with items which %90 of turned out to be useless, and went to Alaska to gut some fish in a factory. Aside from a few hiccups, I've been a migrant worker ever since.
I've picked and packed oranges in Florida, worked in a couple of hotels in Germany over a period of 6 years, then went from heaven to hell: i.e. Bavaria to Baghdad. The job I started out with at the Baghdad International Airport is largely indescribable, at least in less than 7 billion bits, but then I moved down to the Green Zone where I was a Project Manager at a 600 Man Camp built for chowderheaded mercenaries for a year and a half, until the corrupt owner of the corrupt company I worked for got arrested and we lost all of our contracts, at which point they continued to pay me to sit around for seven months hoping that they could get their act together. When the inevitable crash came, I was basically removed from the Interzone at gunpoint. I traveled for a bit after that, using my barely earned money from Iraq, went back to the US and got a j-o-b. I am a computer test proctor now, traveling around the country to administer Microsoft, Cisco, and other computer / networking certification exams. Sometimes it's even kind of fun.
The high point of my life, literally, was my flight on Nov. 9, 2005 at supersonic speeds to 82,000 feet in a Russian MIG-25 foxbat jet and got to see some sexy curvature... of the Earth I mean.
Hopefully, I'm only just beginning.


reading, writing, photography, scuba diving, snowboarding, calling bush and all his cronies to account before god and man for all the evil they've done, and whatever other fun stuff is on offer. my favorite geek books of all time are the wheel of time series by robert jordan. in the non-geek category are 'infinite jest' by david foster wallace, or anything by herman hesse, john steinbeck, vernor vinge, and five freakin' million other names i could drop and you could give a crap about. i hate sports, except the kind where i get to jump out of an airplane or strap on a snowboard for. but the tv kind, forget it. buffy the vampire slayer totally rules, smallville totally blows. but having said that, i did watch 5 seasons of it at one go. 'grizzly man' was an awesome movie, but somehow it made me respect werner herzog as a human being much less than timothy treadwell. if you haven't seen 'trapped in the closet' by r. kelly, you are really really really deprived of the most amazing experience ever. thank you, jeff, for making me watch it, so very against my will. and that's me in a blurb. fascinating. if there was a tip jar here, i'd let you take a dollar out of it.