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Monday, October 24, 2005


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i'm simply commenting on this blog to be the first to do so (as well as my personal first comment on any blog page). i might not be going to the edge of space, but this is my new terrain.

also can i be mentioned in more of your blogs mike? i'll give you more topics if you like-here's one that we discussed in class today: can nature exist without culture? maybe that's boring. i'll think of something better.


With God as my witness, I will mention you in my next 10 blogs, at least. I think that first comment totally deserves that! Good prize or no?
Unfortunately, I just posted one like 5 minutes ago... (the S.A.) one. I swear I'll get you on the next one. and the next 9 after that.
I'd write a blog about the nature going hand in hand with culture thing, but I'm not sure I understand where you're going with that... is it like the tree making a noise if no one hears it thing? Or are you talking about whether or not modern man is capable of going to the bathroom without toilet paper?

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