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Sunday, February 05, 2006


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I don't suppose you guys are still hiring?

Great blog, by the way. I really enjoy reading.

messiestobjects, at the moment we are not hiring. Unless you're from Fox news? We sure could use some good spin right about now...
Thanks for your encouraging comment; would you believe that some of my so-called friends out there think my blog is an embarrassment? They seem to think that if you're going to blog, it should either be about political anti-bush stuff or your hobbies, or a bunch of 'My favorite movies and my favorite music' lists which no one really gives a rat's a** about, but never an actual online journal. Ah well, a prophet is never accepted in his own home...
(okay, now THAT was going too far.)


The fools!


Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with anti-bush blogs, not at all. We need more of them. I just happen to not be very good at commenting on that sort of thing, there are hundreds of people out there who are much better at hating Bush than me, so I've stuck to the axiom, -'Write what you know, write what you know... what do I know? What do I know? Come on! I've got to know SOMEthing! ... Darn it.'-

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