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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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Reading this gives me an even greater appretiation for the difficulty our soldiers face on the ground in Iraq... not to be too smaltzy-patriotic. It really makes the political scene back here seem ignorant at best and uncaring, even evil at worst.

I am glad you're getting some excercise... at your tender age it's always good to stay ahead of the curves...


DUDE! Your Pac-Man bling rules the ever-bloggin' universe, but I can only see half the screen! A) Can you fix this? and B) Can you throw Ms. Pac-Man in the mix? You know, for the ladies? Much obliged. -hoolio


Also, I'm sure to be setting your counter all out of whack because I reload this page constantly. NOT ON PURPOSE! Apologies in advance.


Well put! I tried to capture complete lunacy of the situation, but you do a much better job.


Dad: Future plans? What are those? You'll know when I know, I guess.
Hooligan: I can't adjust the pac-man thingie! I try and I try... all this future-babble about HTML and scripts and junk is way too much for me. It fits on my screen except for the far right side... grrr.
Housediggity: Hey there! You tracked me down. I must say that your entry in your blog (which I enjoy greatly) gave me the impetus to write my own little PSD bitchfest... I don't really like to comment too often on such hot topics as I feel very conflicted about criticizing anything when I feel guilty by association... but the PSD topic is something I've steamed about internally for years and it felt good to let some out.


Huh. I can only see the left half of it. Needless to say, the scores I'm bringing are low. BunchBall should let you resize it, but as long as it works for you, who cares? It's good exercise, too. For your thumbs!


I'm playing it anyway, half-screen or no. I'm just intuiting the right side. It makes it more interesting! All video games should be half-screens. It's more Jedi that way.

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