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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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I hear Raytheon is hiring folks for Antarctica...


Antarctica would be freaking sweet! Got any contact info?


Baghdad Burning is an intersting site and a viwpoint one virtually NEVER hears stateside... we're all into the DaVinci hype. I also found Leeson's site intersting... I have a greater appreciation for those pics you found.

I know the sedentary, blah-like feeling of doing nothing... always hated it. Worse when one watches hours of mostly-mindless amusement... sure hope life picks up ...and while I'm on that subject have there been any serious thoughts about just packing it up and getting to some prettier parts of the world???


Keep an eye on this site:

There's actually on a few on right now, but every now and then they go on these hiring sprees. Everything from cooks to carpenters, even journalists.

Sounds like fun...


That's odd. I actually know someone who works at Raytheon. Maybe I can hook youse up.
Let me know.


Dad: Buffy's not Mindless! Buffy is all fulla smart and junk. Best durn program on tha telly ever.

TF: Sweet thanks dude. Guess I need to bone up my resume.

Hooligan: Antarctica! Tell me where to send my resume.


See what happens? I called and found out she works for the Air Force now. I'm sorry I can't assist. But if she could get hired there, believe me, you can.

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