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Saturday, July 29, 2006


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As always you can weave the mundane into the a tapestry of minutia that is most interesting and certainly informative... if one can stay with it. Guess you're staying a little longer...

Regarding the music; it works fine on my pc - very smooth - like "Ramblin Man" - I guess I'll listen to the others as time allows.


odd...I was still in the IZ when you wrote this. And had been so for the past 2 years. I never heard anyone call it the "interzone" or the Castle.

But thats neither here nor there.

But yea, JASG sucks. They came in country without a mission--84 people who even managed to screw up the pre-arranged billeting that had been set up for them. They had female soldiers relocated next to the pool because they were afraid of the dark and the 'scary people' in Riverside.

Somehow, they whined enough that the Statedepartment gave then some bit of authority--how they got more after that is anybodies guess.


No, nobody except me called them that. I said it somewhere else on this blog, but I always felt that "Interzone" really applied because the famous author, William Burroughs, was a beatnik junky in Tangiers, Morocco in the 50's, and in his book 'Naked Lunch' he made up a nightmarish alternate version of Tangiers (which was also designated as an 'International Zone' at the time) and called it Interzone.
And I like referring to the Embassy and it's inhabitants collectively as the Castle because that's what Kafka called this big scary government complex on the hill in Prague that made (again) nightmarishly incomprehensible decisions full of beuraucratic stupidity, much like our lovely US CPA/JASG/Embassy complex in Interzone.

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