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Monday, August 14, 2006


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DOOD. I think the question was "What does GBG DO?" 'A valid (and legal!) life support contract at the 600 man camp' does not answer the question, Claire! Do you process packaged things? Packaged things that are processed? Buy, sell or process packaged things? What does that place DO? WHAT DO IT DO?!?!? What is it in the BUSINESS of? Sorry, but on behalf of everyone, I have to ask it that way. Now give a decent answer before we just keep asking over and over and over again! HMPH.


On a Life Support contract, one supports life.


Ok ok. Fine. After building the camp itself, which was a separate construction contract (Thereby making one of the things GBG does construction) we entered the Life support phase, whereby we fed, watered, and removed the waste of the 600 mercenaries in that camp. We also provided Groundskeeping, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Laundry services. And I was in charge of the whole thing, meaning I sat in my office and wrote alot of pointless work-related emails and memos and masterfully delegated my responsibilities out to whoever happened by. Sometimes I would come out and say something funny and my Iraqis would laugh, because it was genuinely funny and not just because I was the boss, so there. And they don't even speak English, so you know I was damn funny if they got it.


Thank you. AND...scene. Everyone: you're welcome. Carry on!

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