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Thursday, September 07, 2006


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My 'puter's been down for several days due to a faulty pre-amp out in the world somewhere so I had not read much since about the 27th of August... you've been busy!! You make some really good points about many things and I, for one, appreciate your willingness to muddle through them and share your ideas. There's a lot to think about and most of the time we just don't. Seems voting in this democracy takes a bit more thought than partisan politics may allow... but we'll keep at it. BTW: the "secret" prisons/holding cells/jails were never really secret - but folks don't take the time to find the information posted out there. The state of Bahgdad also is not so secret but, again, one has to check things out to know. Guess it's a matter of, "Do I really want to know?"


Didn't I say it wasn't really a secret? I'm sure I did. Oh, I said there've been rumours. Same thing. Anyway, the headline yesterday on The Stars & Stripes Middle East edition (military newspaper) said, basically, "Things are getting better in Baghdad! Our plan is working!" ... I couldn't believe it when I saw it. That's some extreme propaganda, even coming from them. I don't think anyone believes that kind of crap, especially here, but the man is really trying to make us!

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