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Friday, September 22, 2006


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Whatever, Stephen-Glass-Of-Blogging-Already.


I see your company's website is back up.

You guys back in business now?


Holy cow... I had no idea. It looks like they even put my phone # on the website...zoiks. Um... maybe it's a test page? I mean, all that stuff on there is stuff we are capable of, technically I suppose. But... well A) I thought we'd be changing the company's name and B)... well, we have a ways to go yet before we're actually in a real position to mobilize anything. In the contracting world, though, I guess the important thing is to get a contract first, and figure out how to actually make it work second.
Man, I don't know.


Hey, great. So when I need a trailer full of galvanized pipe, I'll just call you and order, then. Man, that's convenient. Do you guys have a catalog yet? Are there shopping carts online? Can I use a coupon?


Wait a minute! That says GBG Logistics! I was looking for Galvanized Pipe Fencer (GPF) Logistics. People's Front of Judea, not the Judean People's Front!



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