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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Sweet merciful crap!

I guess this is congrats?


Thailand... well at least I think I know where you're going next... uh, right?? So being cuffed is a hoot... Hmmmm... don't think I want to try that one.


TF, well put! Sweet merciful crap indeed. Yes, it's definitely congrats. I really didn't want to be here anymore, but, as my Dad says, I sometimes have a misguided sense of loyalty and felt I couldn't leave until certain things were taken care of. Now the decision has been made regardless of my ability to do anything about it, and I can go guilt-free! Woo hoo!
The idea is Turkey, because there are commercial flights to Istanbul direct from Baghdad, and then Thailand... it's a loose plan. And being cuffed was a hoot, don't knock it. Watching these guys in action was so funny that it was totally worth it, especially since I knew that they really didn't have anything on me and after that, no one can say I didn't try to stand up for myself. He arrested me for raising my voice, for god's sake! I didn't swear, and I didn't verbally abuse anyone's character, I merely explained to him loudly that he was wrong. And when I told him that if they were going to continue this raid, I was going to go and call my lawyer. That's when he arrested me; he wouldn't let me make that call.

Erin Williams

I was reading your blog, Mike (which your dad has been touting for the past several months), and was a little nervous about the line which read, "such a nice, quiet boy." You realize, of course, that that's what the neighbors of serial killers are always quoted as saying.
Very interesting's nice that you allow your dad to live vicariously through your exploits.
Take care. Be safe.


Well okay, but how often do you hear serial killers say that about themselves? See, that's how we getchya.


So... now I'm living vicariously as a serial killer? Or I'm exploiting my son by letting him think he was a "nice, quiet boy"? I guess that lieutenant was a bit luckier than he knew ...or is he???

Serious ? - does the DoD badge have any affect on your being able to move about? AND are you still working for GBG once you leave the Emerald City?


Yes I am stuck in the camp, can't go anywhere unless I myself am escorted! 'Sokay, I don't need to go anywhere until I fly on tuesday. And HELL NO I'm not working for GBG anymore after this.


Through all your pissing and moaning, I noticed that you failed to mention that you were NOT working for anyone and that was why I took you ID card. Your lucky I didnt throw you into the red zone


"Pissing and moaning"; another fine mental distinction from our military's finest, folks! Take that, thebigmonkey, if that is your real name.

But seriously, Lieutenant Colonel Davis, is that you? I've missed you. Seriously. Thanks to you I had the coolest day of my life. I was arrested for being sarcastic and telling off a military officer! It doesn't get better than that.

But to answer you in a more direct fashion, rather than in this preening idiom which it has been my great joy to parade out for you today, I was, in point of fact, working for someone. GBG. Now, I'm not arguing that GBG was not a fucked up company whose boss apparently defrauded the US Government, (I have no direct knowledge of these allegations, however, only what the newspaper told me) I'm just saying that I was in fact employed at the time.

I also realize that you guys didn't want us there. You made that abundantly clear. However, had you actually had any legal recourse against me at all, I'm perfectly sure that you would have personally escorted me to the BIAP (Baghdad International AirPort) with all due sadistic glee, and NOT into the Red Zone, which I'm sure would probably have been very illegal, even for you. I know this because I know of many instances in which this happened to people who were guilty of much more severe crimes than "NOT working for anyone". If they qualify for an escorted ride to the airport and not deportation to the Red Zone, I'm sure you'd have extended me the same courtesy.

Anyway, unlike you or your kind, I made friends with the Iraqis that I came into contact with, and had you actually put me into the Red Zone, I'd have stayed at my friend Nabil's place, (where I'd enjoyed many a fine evening before) or my close friend Steven's, or Nameer's, or Amar's, until I could've gotten a lift out, because also unlike you, I was never afraid to be in the Red Zone without "manly" body armor, weaponry, or a dipshit superior attitude.

Again, really nice to hear from you! Always good to know that old friends are still out there kickin' it. Keep in touch. XOXOX

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