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Sunday, October 08, 2006


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You've started smoking again, haven't you? Is that what this is?


ummm... no.


I listened to Olbermann (ESPN in the 80's & 90's... right?!!). I read Bahgdad Burning. I listed to NPR. I heard Bush. Head in the sand? Right wing conspiracy? Stupidity... I am not a Bush basher and I tend to think he is sincere but I believe he IS sincerely wrong in this direction he is trying to get us to go in and he is not listening to/looking at/thinking about what's going on in Iraq or America. However, everyone should vote if they have an opinion about this - it's the only real power we can excercise - and those who have faith in God need to pray... a lot... regular like - because that's the only tool we have.


I have no idea what you're saying. Are you calling Olbermann stupid? Because of all the facts? Bush? Sincere?! I have no possible way of responding to this without being extremely insensitive, so I won't... but I mean really? Sincere?
And voting only works if it's not 1984, and prayer doesn't seem to have had a whole lot of effect on world events so far.
I'm not saying you shouldn't do either, just don't expect either to make the world a better place any time soon. Unless the Dems win back the House and actually find the orbs to impeach. So vote Democrat and pray, and then hold your breath.


Well there you go... Bush is sincerely stupid (possibly the worst kind of evil). Olberman is courageous if not brilliant and attacks the core issues regarding all this stuff. Voting is NOT outdated and still should be done but many people have to want change. Too many people gave up in 2000 and Bush got in in the first place. VOTERS could have hanged that (yes, I voted for him). As for prayer - well, no diatribe but I will pray. God has His thing going... I don't have it all figured out but I will pray that He is gracious to us all - even if I can't see it. Holding one's breath can cause light-headedness and tends to cloud the judgement.


Ummm... get hip to the jar jar, daddio. 1984 was a reference to the book by George Orwell, not a comment on voting being outdated, as in; Voting only works if it's not rigged! I of course can't claim to know for sure, but I have a certain amount of feeling that Bush stole not only the Florida vote in 2000, but the last election also, if only because I can't allow myself the despairing belief that 50.7% of all Americans are that easily led around by the medulla oblongata.

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