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Monday, October 30, 2006


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Eid meelad sa'eed!


Hey!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAHGDAD MIKE!!!! You sure know how to celebrate a thing, ahy! Guess you won't be having one of those famous halloween parties that were so popular in your youth... but then it sounds like Bahgdad is just one big costume party anyway. May your beard grow long and the hair on your toes curl....


I don't know if this counts as encouragement, but it's got to count as something:

Anyway, consider yourself fated. Wait, no. I mean, fetid. NO! Dang! What is it...? Oh, yeah: feted. You are now officially feted. So... Shazam! *Glitter confetti, mirror ball, noise-makers, cone hat, pixie dust* Poof! Kapow!


Ok, only TF and my Dad helped me out, and apparently my Dad is a dork. Well I guess everybody's Dad is. But everybody else totally didn't get it. I got a bunch of emails, but the whole idea was to have nice little happy birthday posts on my PUBLIC page so that everybody could see how many friends I had and therefore how cool I was. So that little thing failed miserably. Either everybody sucks, or I'm just not very cool at all... I think it's easier for me to go with option #1! But thanks for the emails anyway... they were very nice, all 200 of them from my 200 friends that I swear I have, it's just that they live in Canada, so, you know...


Well, pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttt. I'm taking my mirror ball and going home! Birthday Nazi. BTW, did you totally edit your Dad's comment? Because I could have sworn it said *embarassing nickname which is NEVER to be used again deleted* yesterday. And also something like Hap-ap-ap-grandpappy. Don't censor your Pops! No. Rather, give props to your Pops.


Happy Birthday to You,
You Belong in the Zoo!
You could use the vacation,
And the culture-shock too!

Just don't feed the monkeys, they're busy last-minute campaigning.

Uncle John

Well, Happy Birthday there Mike!!

I found this site:

and I thought perhaps peoples of the world may be able to reference it while wishing you a hyper-trecking birthday.

Please, please, please be careful on the beaches of the Indian Ocean, especially in Thailand. You know how incredibly dangerous they can be around Christmas time.

Suk San Wan Keut!

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