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Thursday, October 26, 2006


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Sounds like a Mel Brooks tune... like "12 Angry Men" but now it's "Stupid, Stupid humans."

"George Bush is an evil, stupid man. Phil Bloom is an evil, stupid man. I am a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid bloody idiot, for ever getting involved with either of them. And that all we are, is dust in the wind, dude." da, da, la, dee dah, da, da........


I think you mean, SO-KRAYTES, Ted.


Yes, actually. Thanks for picking up the obvious pop-culture referrence, Bill.


You're welcome. Glad to serve. I've got more where that came from! Hard to believe!


Not stupid, you. There are only 2 stupid things you could have done in your Baghdad tenure:

1. "Harm." I doubt it's in you, but regardless - you would have been swatted out of the way as a rank amateur by the many seasoned professionals in that particular venue.

2. "Nothing." Obviously anything but, judging from this li'l blog here (not to mention my own memory).

So, what have we established: you're a good man who did not do nothing. Um, did anyone notice that evil nonetheless triumphed handily? Don't quit your day job, Burke!

Still, I wouldn't say "stupid," but the proper adjective is entirely subjective. One man's "gullible" is another's "optimistic," one's "naive" is another's "hopeful." Those who know you, know the right words.


Hey, aren't you the one that didn't want to give me a big head? Well, it just collapsed under it's own weight and now I have to get a slave to carry it around on a curtained divan all day. Way to go, dude.
And anyway, remember what I said about how I only post about the stuff that makes me look cool? Not self-deprecating, man. Totally, %100 fact. I didn't tell you about the Iraqi chain gang I had going... so, you know, don't let the man fool you.

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