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Monday, November 27, 2006


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still think you should manage somewhere other than budapest- krakow is nice... you've got time.


i think you do understand a little about what we all have thought/felt over the past three years... anyway i do hope your friends are safe... as for me, i get a lot from your writing and am very glad you say so much... thanks mike


Krakow is like, way north... I don´t know, we´ll see... I actually saw quite a bit of Budapest today; don´t know if I really need to stay here more than 2 days, so I might move on.
DAaaAd! (teenager voice) C´mon, not in front of the guys!


By the way, nice to see you here at long last, Scott. You´re just one step away now from starting your own blog... something I´m sure alot of people would like to see...


Yep!! I for two think Scott Should do his own blog...

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