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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


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Hell no, you're not changing that noise! I say, make it play two times.


I also kind of like it... partly because other people in the house get annoyed by it and turn it down! I suppose you could, every once in a while mind you, change it. But I wouldn't get too radical about it. PS: The description of your B&W photo of the statue and you imitating the statue was pretty hilarious....


Ok, that's one for keeping and one rather ambiguous; I'm not sure how to score someone for keeping it just to annoy other people with...
I know more people read this thing, I've got a Site Meter. So don't be shy, stick it to me!


Well if Heather is for it then I'm doubly against it. I'd like if it only played on the front page and not on every page. But actually I don't really care. It's your page to do with as you wish. But I will say that it does kind of announce that you're a bit of a nOO3 - ya know? "Hey check out my page! I even figured out how to make it play a sound clip when it loads!" You should have flashing text too. It's very '97 of you. NOOB NOOB NOOB!! ;)


Dude, if Gary is doubly against it, I am thrice in favor. Lo! Thrice!


What the hell is a nOO3? Is that some sort of too clever internet junkie lingo that all the kids are typing these days? See, maybe I am one of those... whatever the heck that is, but see, I don't have a sweet little computer set-up in my house which I never leave... I've been out of the US for the last ten years and haven't had a whole lot of time to blow learning about what html all the cool kids are doing these days. Honestly, everything I know about html, I've learned since I started this blog, about a year ago.
And hey, break it up you kids; if you wanna kick sand at each other, well, okay I guess it's more fun to watch than to break it up. Have at it!


He started.


All Hands On The Bad One...

Ok where's the flashing text then?


I like it.


Discouragement Kitten totally trumps GoDrex in matters of cool. The only way I'm takin' it down now is if like, Al Jourgensen writes me and says, "Jerkface, that's copywrite infringement and I'm suing your ass."


Yeah I suck at cool and life. I'm aware of this.

I was just trying to help you out maaaaaaan! Never said the clip wasn't cool. It's not about the clip itself. :P

btw - it's no surprise that someone with a myspace page AND a song that plays automatically on it (like everyone and their brother) is going to vote in favor. COOOOOOL!! ;)

Make people jump for the volume/mute button! See if I care!! HAHAHAHAHAA

Al Jourgensen

"Jerkface, that's copyright infringement and I'm suing your ass."


Har har. Too bad it´s a sample from a section of a song that itself was sampled from an old movie...


Yeah, but don't you see his email address? COMEDY GOLD! You know it is.

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