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Friday, December 29, 2006


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some of us arent at the malls. some of us are choosing which medical bill to pay. which perscription one of our family can do without cause we cant afford them all, how to pay for the prosthetics our children need because of 9/11.
some of us would love for a home theatre system to be all we want... how sweet a life that would be.
ps- when you do check out, can i have the home theatre system?


I can only begin to imagine the culture shock you must be going though. I mean I thought it was bizarre to move back to Jersey after living in new Mexico for a year. Just the speed of life was very different for me. But that's nothing to being gone for 10 years in other countries.

I agree that is it freaky here in the matrix - but damn if the steak doesn't taste soooooo real. ;)


Mary: Obviously I wasn't speaking for the whole of American life. I don't mean to minimize any pain that anyone is going through; I couldn't possibly keep up with all of it. I was speaking to American culture in general, which seems to me undeniably twisted. I've seen the other side of 9/11, and know too well how much evil that day has created. The world is a hard place for families, but that's a different subject entirely, and one that I am as of yet unqualified to speak about. All I can really say is, you chose to have a family, and all of the unforseen hardships and joys that go along with that. I chose to remain single and travel the world until the present time, and all of the different unforeseen joys and difficulties that go along with that. That is what my blog is about; there are plenty of blogs out there that speak more to your experience than mine does.
Gary: Yeah it's a very weird sort of culture shock. Shocked by my own culture! I mean, I was expecting it, but still... And the steak is, in fact, so very nice.


There are other companies besides Cingular. Sprint didn't ask me for any of that. Sprint was like, Want a phone? Here you go.


NOW you tell me... anyway, my family all has Cingular and calling other Cingular cell phones is free, so it made sense at the time.


Mike, sometimes you can be such a dick. I would like to live in a culture that is not undeniably twisted. Have you found it?
Yes, this is your blog, all about you. I am intriqued by your choice to live such a lifestyle. But, few can live in a world entirely of their choosing. This appears to be a dream you have realized. Maybe if you could get Tinkerbell to sprinkle some of her Fairy Dust on us, we could fly too.


WOW, I just got bitch-slapped by my own aunt. Mary, I don't really want to go here; I'd prefer if you kept your personal issues out of my website. Start your own. As I said, I would never have presumed to say anything about what you must be going through with your family; my post wasn't about that until for some reason you tried to make it that way.
If you want to be Philosophical, then yes, every culture has it's own sick twists. But I wasn't talking about every culture, I was talking about ours, and my perspective of it. So okay, you have a different life than most Americans, a harder one. I just got an email from a friend in Iraq that told me about a girl who used to work for us that is working for another US company now, and on her way home the other day got severely beaten and maybe raped (don't know that yet, she's too beat up to talk) by a Shiite militia because she was working with Americans, trying to feed her family. Things are tough all over, Mary, and you shouldn't assume that because I write about the weirdeness of US culture that I would ever assume that people such as yourself don't have a hard life. This post wasn't about YOU!
I'm intrigued that a comment on the typical American lifestyle riled you up so much when you apparently don't ascribe to it anyway.


If it helps at all, I thought surely this post was all about ME. Where is the post about me already?


They're ALL about you. All of my posts are about the person who reads them, and are solely intended to be taken extremely personally and out of context of the narcissistic subject material. Duh.
Besides, where's your blog about me, huh? I think it's about time you re-post all those crazy '90s photos you once had up but lost when you changed blogs... and any others you may have that I never saw.


Deciding which porn site you like best is a decision that transcends culture or location. And it's never easy. It requires diligence and rigor.

Thanks for blogging about me again.


Yes it's very hard work, I agree, and I feel your pain and know you sweat like a dog while doing those technical online dirty searches, which is why I paid homage to you. So, no problem.

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