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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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Miss Luongo

I'm stunned at how vivid the reds are in your photos. It was quite beautiful, despite the noxious gas and general ghosttownery.


Welll... I cheat a little bit. I don't change the colors at all, but I do mess with the brightness and contrast in Picture Manager to bring out the best coloring for each photo. But thank you anyway!

Miss Luongo

Nice trickery. I was worried that either my eyes were getting worse from the fumes (and my intense lasik envy) or that I wasn't employing my powers of observation appropriately. Whew.


Welllll... I don't tweak the pictures THAT much. The reds were still actually red and the greens were green and the fog was grey... perhaps after your book comes out you should reward yourself with some of that crazy lasik junk anyway, just to be safe.

Miss Luongo

Bah, I'm going to spend all of my book money on a digital camera so I can start recording the adventures of the backs of people's heads.


May I suggest the back of Scott's head? The back of his noggin would make an excellent "tourism photo interrupted" subject, and anyway I've got a feeling that all his complaining is simple jealousy that he has not yet been featured in any photos in that manner.

Miss Luongo

Done and done. Digital camera and a ticket to China.


Great stuff -- I always wanted to go and check that weird scene out, and now I almost feel like I did! Great photos, especially the graveyard.


Thanks... I'll go any time. I'm sure there's more there we didn't get to; it's only 2 1/2 hours away from where I live.


Cool video.

You don't sound the way I thought you'd sound...


My question is there alot of surfur in the air? and if there is can't that kill you if you breath it in to much


And also why so many people have so many haunted stories then they have just normal touring stories?


No, there are no surfers in the air, silver or otherwise. Although that would be cool. But there is sulfer, and just try not to breathe too much. We did all get a bit lightheaded.
And I don't know about any Centralia based haunted stories, other than the fictional Silent Hill.


I wonder if the Centralia mine fire was the inspiration for a similar plot element in the film "Nothing but Trouble?" Except I think Valkenvania was in New Jersey, not PA. Not like that's better or anything... well, maybe a little.


Why yes, actually; in the wikipedia entry for Centralia, under the 'Centralia in media' section, they state that it was the inspiration for the town in that Goddawful movie.

Miss Luongo

I liked that movie. I have a blog entry about it that's been waiting to be unveiled since October. I didn't think anyone remembered that fact, now I'm going to have to rework the entry. Great. Thanks a lot, Volguus.


Don't worry Miss Luongo; Nobody that reads your blog reads mine anyway, so you're safe.


Hi, I just watched silent hill yesterday which led me to find centralia via google and then on to your pics and blog.
Nice - very nice pics, the fog does add that bit extra spookiness doesn't it?

I just wish we had stuff like that here in the time I'm in the US I will check it out for sure!
many thanks for very entertaining I get back to work now... Brock


Are you kidding? In the UK, you've got loads of cool junk. Stonehenge? AND you've got UK passports which allow you to live and work pretty much anywhere in Europe. That's way cooler than having some spooky old ghost town nearby.

peggy follmer

I live in Pa. and have been there.


This place amazes me. Odd story. My boyfriends from pennsylvania, I'm from Oregon. I almost moved to Pennsylvania before I met him, just on a whim, for no particular reason. Then I met him (online), and amazingly HE was from pennsylvania. My favorite movie/game is silent hill and when he moved here he told me about Centralia. I wanted to go so bad. Then I'm looking through google images for "old castle" and I see the graveyard photo and get really interested in where it is, and it turns out to be Centralia. Eerie.


Well Jamie, it sounds like Centralia is calling you... better go see what it wants... muah ha ah ah ahhh...

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