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Sunday, January 07, 2007


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Miss Luongo

Claims that the book is good come straight from the author's mouth. Rah. It must be true.


Stephanie Lessing seems to think it rocks...


I thought you only answered to Rajah or Most Beneficent Rajah. DOH. I fixed my blog-home. Yay! It's not news, but yay!


Ok great; now, if you'd only stop blowing it up, you'll be good to go...


Yeah. That's not going to happen.

Miss Luongo

Splish splash my poo was taking a bath. Very wasteful. And what's with all the personal space we need? We're like goldfish. We keep expanding to fit our environment. The high ceilings are entirely unnecessary though, since we're not growing that way. But we won't be oppressed by shelter! And bulky sweaters are restrictive. Good thing there's global warming, foreign oil, and long sleeved t-shirts to keep up toasty.


My massive b-logs will not make it down the pipe without GALLONS of water to move them along. I have a well and a septic system - am I ok? Probably not but I'm just checking. I used to live on Main st. in s'burg not far from the piss-wheel and damn I tell ya after a friday and saturday night the air down there was just not right. Lots o' drinking and flushin and blowin mud going on down in s'burg. "Hello Muddville - Campus Invaded By Mud Yet Again" was my favorite ESU headline. I don't know how Linnea and co lived right next to that thing, but then again the massive amounts of garbage pilled up in the their place must have blocked out the OTHER smell. Ah the smell of lower main brings back memories. Oh and what's with the skunks? Damn I don't miss that. Shit would wake me up in the middle of the night.


Oh yes, many were the days on lower main, sittin' in a rockin' chair on Linnea and Nina's back porch, sippin' on a lemonade with the crickets a-chirpin' and the pleasant waft of human feces chemical processing plant in the air... ah memories.


Yep, go ahead and call me Tim.

I'm just finishing up yet another two weeks on a rig in northern Alberta. Extremely labor intensive work in minus 40 weather, but the pay is awesome and it's cool to say you're a "Roughneck".

March should be cool, since fall, winter and spring is pretty busy drilling time.

I'll email you more info after I've slept and hopefully dreamed of Thailand...


Sweet. It is, in fact, wicked cool to say you're a Roughneck.

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