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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


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It's okay to tell us you're going for gender reassignment surgery. No need to cover with this whole "Lasik" bit. It's cool. You're among friends.


Doh! I was trying to keep it and my new job as a Vegas dancer secret, too.


You'll need a fancy name if you want to make it big in Vegas, junior. No one tips big for "Average White Boy Name".

Miss Luongo

Starscream is a good name. Or Optimus Prime.


Actually, I was thinking 'Rodimus Prime', (yes there is actually a Transformer that goes by that name) but that was too easy. Optimus Prime, less dirty, but probably better.


When I was a kid, my neighbor friend stole my Pac-Man stickers. A set of 4! I'm still not over it. Not even the puffy Michael Jackson stickers could ease the pain. I mean, yeah, they beat it and everything, but they were no Pac-Men.

Miss Luongo

When I was a kid my friend and I used to hide a little plastic donkey from the other girls in playschool who liked it. I'd named it, so technically, it was mine. I wonder if those girls still hold a grudge? I sort-of hope so since I'm still quite proud of my Adventures with Donkey Hodey.


In grade school you named him after Cervantes? And no one beat you up?


Mike - We're all your friends. We don't judge. It's OK to go to Thailand for the boys.


Plus, it probably only "bothers" you the first time.


"I Can't Believe It's A Man!"


Ballad of a Ladyboy?

I was too old for Transformers. I played with dirt clods mostly.


I'm not alone in the universe? I loved my transformers! More than meets the eye! You should explain to them that Rodimus came after Optimus... sort of a 'rebirth'.
Why do you travel so much?


Because travelling rules the most! And I get antsy if I stay too long in wacked out 'ol US of A. The US is a deeply weird place, dude.
Plus, I'm about to go take a longtail boat out to a small uninhabited island off of the southern coast of Thailand to go snorkelling where I am told I will see fish I've only ever seen in the exotic section of the aquarium before. Why not travel?

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