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Thursday, February 08, 2007


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Miss Luongo

I recommend audio books. Good luck.


The good news is you won't need to go looking for a restroom.


Audio books! D'oh! I wish I'd thought of that before... I might have one on my mp3 player, though, so allright then.
And I'm not peeing in my pants anymore. I've had to re-instate that particular program into my hard wiring for now.


Yeah. You'll want to remember the technique, though, for when you're 90. Or for the next time you need to drive non-stop across the country. And if you're going to let a little thing like blindness keep you from blogging, then good day to you, sir. I said, Good day!


Man you should have tried the bugs. I hear the inane bullcock is really good too.


Hee. What's that movie where Chevy Chase is eating moose testicles or something? But they're called something-or-other-fries? Come on! Anway, "fried bullcock" just reminded me of that.


Well, seeing as you've exposed yourself to the lidocaine... perhaps you'll reconsider being receptive to the other end of things. I recommend the prostate massage. It'll really help loosen you up. Afterall, are you suuure that all 800 of those cuties were girls? Well, if you're not gonna try that, suck up a little bit of courage and sample a beetle. You only live once and who knows.. you might even like it. LMFAO Hope your procedure goes well.


is it bragging to say that i think i sampled all the bugs pictured with the exception of the large madagascar hissing cockroaches in the foreground? maybe it's just gross.

Either way, I dont feel bad pushing the medflies. Some russians and i washed them down with verynasty thai whiskey for our christmas dinner. Moist and delicious, especially with the sauce. I didnt ask what the sauce was.

Make sure you find the cart with the man making egg and banana pancakes. All bugs aside, you can trust me on the egg and banana pancake.


Whoa - that's so weird! MY mom also served medflies with Thai whiskey at Christmas. Ah, memories!


Scott: I can't believe my tongue was ever in your mouth. Bugs. Eck.

Michael: I stand by your choice of not putting insects in your mouth. I know the lidocaine thing isn't funny - but it is. I got a great mental image of 30 seconds or so of mutual shared horror.


Hmm. I could have left out the mutual or the shared. Why did I do that?


Some friends of mine ate bull balls at the Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo.

I declined to try it on principle. I doubt they would have eaten cow-vag - so I didn't see anything wrong with not sampling the bull nuts. But fried crickets actually seems like it would be good with some salt and spices on it. Live bugs are much grosser than cooked, in my opinion.


btw - they're called Mountain Oysters.


And the movie where Chevy was downing 'em was 'Funny Farm'. I hate that I know that.
Scott, it's not bragging. It's called being proud of your accomplishments. Trust me, you'll feel much better thinking of it that way. And, screw courage, and screw bugs. I ain't eatin' 'em, nuh uh. Christy I thank you for your support, although since I don't have the hiccups, I won't be getting that digital rectal massage neither, no suh.


"Lamb Fries!" Yesssssssss. Score one for Chevy Chase vehicles. I knew there was at least one other human being in the world burdened with this knowledge.

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