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Friday, February 09, 2007


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Miss Luongo

That bed looks uncomfortable.


Wow, good call! It's pretty hard, almost as a board, but you know what? I actually kind of like it that way. They say sleeping on a hard surface is better for your back anyway, so.

Miss Luongo

Exercise is good for your back too.


You can fly, you can fly, you can fly! Jenny's Other Gig.


Julie, what's yer point? Are you saying I should actually listen to that quack about exercising? Buncha crap. Know what else is good for your back? Thai massage is what.


yeah, i didnt tell you about the burning smell on purpose.

my guy yelled at me a lot about looking at the dot, too- and i was looking the whole time, except when i was completely blind from my eyes being all sortsof dismantled- and the panic.

did you have the starburst filter installed in your cornea so that headlights are really pretty? because it turns out headlights can be really pretty. i guess i never knew.


Well, not a starburst per se, at least I didn't notice too many light lines, but I did get a hella halo filter. Unless that's the same thing... I knew about the burning hair smell ahead of time, though. They tell you about it on that paper they give you which details the procedure. It's a good idea to be forewarned I think because otherwise most people might think that the laser had veered waaay off course, and you don't need more panic. I wonder what my initial reaction would've been if I didn't know about it since I'm bald...


how bad was your eyesight before? Could you read the big E or were you like legally blind like I am? I wonder if you can have this done if you're eyes are really bad like mine.


I used to have glasses. I quit wearing them because I could see too much stuff.


I have... wait! HAD! an astigmatism... that's the opposite of having Jesus' wounds mystically appear... right. Couldn't think of a better way to squeeze that in, sorry. Carrying on then, it's not quite like being blind, but everything is a big curtain of blur. Most likely you can have it done, there are only a few factors that might prevent it, such as previous damage (cut your cornea with a contact lens or something) or glaucoma or like that. If you're interested, you should find a Lasik guy nearby (I think there's one on 447 just up past the Shannon Inn) and get a free consultation.
Heather, you don't qualify for Lasik in that case then due to persistent willfull blindness.


But if Jesus' wounds appear in your EYES, what is it called?


Freakin' scary.


I heard that this kind of surgery came about after a little boy who'd been blind was in a horrific car accident. Enough glass fell into his eyes making the appropriate cuts and he was able to see after the wreck. Freakish, but plausible.
BTW, that pic with the fried goose eggs on your eyes really looks like something out of a bad 80's sci-fi flick. Can that be called art?


God I hope not. I have enough problems.


It's called eyemata of course...

Miss Luongo

Are you talking about the same quack you let slice into your eyeball? That's eyeballsy. Ok, I'm way late with this comment. So late that you'll have to go all the way to the top of your responses to remember what I'm referencing. And I made your eyeballsy joke back at you. I'm that clever.



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