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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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Miss Luongo

$6 hour long foot massage? You're trying to hurt me.


All my pictures have Asians in front of them. Even in my sonogram, you can make out a wee Asian dude. They're good.


Maybe YOU'RE the one being rude having no Asians in your photos.


Just trying to spread the good word of travel, and why people ought to do it more often.
And, if not having asians in my photos is considered more rude than loudly calling them douchebags, I'm doing okay then.


Thanks for the B'day greeting!!! Guess I'll have to settle for those chop sticks (I really do like eating with them though) and seeing you!!! BTW - haw about a dull road trip ti Cinci in mid-March?? I'll tell you more when you get home...

Happy Birthday to me... happy birthday to.....

Love ya!


I'm not sure anyone in the free world actually needs to travel as much as you do, but you've still got at least - I don't know - 40 countries left yet. Keep on truckin'! Also, Happy Birthday, Mike's Dad! Yay! Whooo! Hooray!


God, Cincinatti, ugh. No, please God, no. (Proving to all that there are no atheists, or agnostics, in the foxhole)
Actually, I've now been to only 34 countries, and there are 234 sovereign nations according to the wikipedia list, not to mention a whole annex list of entities not considered independent enough to actually stake a claim to nationhood. So, I've still got a lot of ground to cover.
And yes, everyone needs to travel, as much as they possibly can.


And yes, I keep track of how many countries I've been to. I have a list. You can't make fun of me if I already know it's silly, right?



Thanks to Scott's precise advise, I can now bump my countries visited list up to 35... wasn't counting Vatican City before. Still not sure I should, but 35 is better than 34, all the cool mathematicians say so.
By the way, he's got me beat by one; he's at 36. Damn Eastern Europe.

Miss Luongo

This is for you, Gary. Use it at will. You don't even have to give me credit:

“It is not necessary that you leave the house. Remain at your table and listen. Do not even listen, only wait. Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking, it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.”

-Franz Kafka



Don't worry I won't give you credit for something Kafka wrote? :)


Did I miss something?

Miss Luongo

Gary hates to travel. He backed it up with a song by George Harrison. I backed George up with Kafka. I then poked fun at people who want credit. Gary teased me about trying to take credit from Kafka. Haha, very funny Gary. I'll bet you didn't know Kafka said that!


You're right. I don't read Kafka. I wasn't familiar with the quote.

I was advised to read "In The Penal Colony" but I never got around to it.


Ah... I couldn't watch the YouLube video 'cause the internet is really slow where I'm at, so whoosh! Right over my head. But anyway, I thought the video was in response to my Havidol comment on GoDrex, so, me no connecty the dotsy.
Kafka's overrated, by the way. There's one I really liked, and I think it was called 'The Judge' or something, about a guy waiting around in some beuraucratic purgatory forever. Actually, now that I think about it, after living in the Interzone for 3 years, maybe I should re-visit him. I might identify more at this point. That place did remind me of him on several occasions.

Miss Luongo

I figured you couldn't watch the YouLube. I'm here to help. In that vein...The Castle is about bureaucracy. It is a story about being frustrated and waylaid at every turn. It is so annoying I skimmed much of it. The Trial is about a man accused of a crime, but never told what it is. It's fairly amusing.

Nothing touches The Metamorphosis. It's got my favorite opening line:

"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect."

Nothing like being thrown right into the midst of the complication.

call me ishmael.

ok i sometimes overthink things beatle-wise. and i do tend to ramble. please bear with.

the lyrics from 'the inner light' are paraphrased from the tao te ching- they're not actually about travel and how nice it might be to just stay at home (even though lao tzu thought most people should shut up and stay put until their emperor told them otherwise), but it's about how badass the enlightened are:

without leaving his door
the sage knows all under heaven.

the further one travels (from the path of glorious enlightenment and transcendance- which incidentally leads directly to the feet of the lord and savior jesus christ and a basket of adorable puppies whether you want it to or not, fucking taoist hippie freak... oh- parentheses mine)
the less one knows.

therefore the Sage arrives w/o going, sees all w/o looking (because he's badass with enlightenment and maybe superpowers).

Does nothing, yet achieves everything. (this is a difficult passage which leads one to conclude that the Sage must be some sort of pimp- unless there are other occupations by which a person greatly prospers yet serves absolutely no beneficial purpose or function- still, i'm betting the enlightened pimp some).

but what always threw me is why george dropped chinese rocks on top of indian instruments and diga rhythms. hey- you got hindi in my taoism!

Oh- no Beatles were harmed in the production of that record, i'm pretty sure all the instrumnents were performed by session sitarists.

Mike... when you said Kafka was overrated- your words hurt, mike. They hurt me and they hurt kafka and all the adorable puppies at jesus' feet.

i think my favorite opening line ever may be from 'call of the wild'. since i was maybe nine i've remembered verbatim:

"Old longings nomadic leap, chafing at customs chain; again from its brumal sleep wakens the ferine strain".

if you just say it your voice gets deeper and you sound older and really wise- without ever even knowing what brumal or ferine mean. Imean, I dont know- but I KNOW- y'know?


Maybe it was The Trial. All I remember from it is this guy sitting in a hallway for like ten thousand years, waiting to be judged on something or other, and it was this whole metaphor for purgatory on earth. I read all of Kafka a very long time ago, so, memory fuzzy. Sorry Ishmael, didn't mean to hurt. Actually, what my comment probably means is that when I read him, I was too stupid to appreciate him correctly, so, there you go, joke's on me. And Ishy; anyone ever tell you you should like, have your own blog? All that deep spiritual stuff; seems like you should, I don't know, go on a spiritual journey somewhere in, say the East somewhere, and blog about it so we can get your insider's POV. Just a thought.


I take everything literally.

call me ishmael.

yeah... not gonna do that.

just thinking- my very favoritist opening lines ever might be from the great gatsby.

"In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that i've been turning over in my mind ever since".

i dunno, i just like it.

call me ishmael.

to clarify-

what i'm not gonna do is blog; I'm not gonna not take everything literally.

just wanted to make that more clearer.


Gatsby blows.

call me ishmael.

screw you.


Hehheh. But seriously, the first line of Gatsby, I have trouble with because when I read it I hear Jim Carrey acting as Andy Kaufmann when he did the show at a college that was supposed to be a comedy act, but instead read the entire book because the students pissed him off.
I don't have any favorite first lines I can think of, though.

Miss Luongo

I want to clarify the Kafka quote. He too is talking about enlightenment...the Truth writhing in ecstasy at his feet. And his approach is the same as all of the best thinkers. Be still. 'Out there' and 'in here' are not different, with the notable exception that 'in here' is easier to know.

Lao Tzu, in my opinion, gives a nod to other approaches:

"...whether a man dispassionately sees to the core of life or passionately sees the surface, the core and the surface are essentially the same..."

I suspect the ultimate shortcut would be to see the core passionately.


core is the hip thing to say now if you're into working out. anyone else notice this? I'm strengthening my core man, this machine really works my core, after I finish this apple I'm gonna do some core training, man my core muscles are killing me.

american lit class was so depressing - it was all about how everything sucks and you can't even run away. Not only that, but there was this smart alec-y girl in my class that was such a brown noser and she just knew what ALL the poems meant and bah!


Hmmm. Enlightenment is tricky. Think of it this way. The Wright Brothers. Invented flight. In a rickety old bicycle operated flyamajig. Now, we got double decker boeing airships with coffee tea or liquor, and a supersonic jet which unfortunately has actually stopped operating a few years back, the Concorde. Does it make the Wright Brothers any less Badass? No, because they did it first & did it worst etc etc... but still, we've built on it, made it better.
So, in summation, I believe in a bigger, brighter, better future for enlightenment. Hence, Buddha with bling. Sell the old ones, exchange them for newer, more ergonomically correct ones lovingly handcrafted by the indigenous people of wherever.


Dood I am so enlightend. If you guys could all just lose your egos you could be as enlightened as me.


But Frank Black told me to hang on to my ego. Are you saying that an ex-PIXIE doesn't know what he's talking about? Sacrilege!


I'm way more enlightened than him.


Ornett Coleman is more enlightened than all of us put together:

It is really very, very real to be here tonight, in relationship to life and death and I’m sure they both love each other.

I really don’t have any present thoughts about why I’m standing here other than trying to figure out something to say that could be useful to someone that believes.

One of the things I am experiencing is very important and that is: You don’t have to die to kill and you don’t have to kill to die. And above all, nothing exists that is not in the form of life because life is eternal with or without people so we are grateful for life to be here at this very moment.

For myself, I’d rather be human than to be dead. And I would also die to be human. So you can’t die, you can’t die to be neither one, regardless of what you say or think so that’s why I believe that music itself is eternal in relationship to sound, meaning, intelligence…all the things that have to have something to do with being alive because you were born and because someone else made it possible for you to be here, which we call our parents etc. etc.

For me, the most eternal thing is that I would like to live until I learn what it is and what it isn’t…that is, how do we kill death since it kills everything?

And it’s hard to realize that being in the human form is not as easy as wondering what is going to happen to you even if you do know what it is and it doesn’t depend on if you know what is going to happen to you.

No one can know anything that life creates since no one is life itself. And it’s obvious, at least I believe, it’s obvious the one reason why we as human beings get there and do things that seem to be valuable to us in relationship to intelligence… uh, what is it called…creativity and love and all the things that have to do with waking up every morning believing it’s going to be a better day today or tomorrow and yet at the same time death, life, sadness, anger, fear, all of those things are present at the same time as we are living and breathing.

It is really, really eternal, this that we are constantly being created as human beings to know that exists and it’s really, really unbelievable to know that nothing that’s alive can die unless it’s been killed. So what we should try to realize is to remove that part of what it is so that whatever we are, life is all there is and I thank you very much.


Ornette's a freak, dude. Unless he manages to kill death. Then, he's the MAN.

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