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Saturday, February 03, 2007


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Well I sure don't wish this "vacation" of yours on anyone... so full of peril and pain... yeah....

Come home seeing...


wow that was simultaneously very sarcastic and um... how do you say "rubbing it in your face?" I hope you eat something that gives you painful burning squirts. ;)

btw - that turtle picture is amazing.


While you were in paradise living it up I was out in the cold saving babies buried in snow drifts. So there!

3rd baby today


He's lying; he stole that baby. But he's right about this, MO: you officially suck. Quit living my life! I want to eat that picture of blue water.


No, seriously guys, this place totally blows. I'm so bored right now, I actually can't wait to go get my eyeballs sliced open. Guess I'll go ride my motorbike around until I find a nice lonely stretch of beach to suit my lonely mood... Or wait! Maybe I'll get a bamboo tattoo!


Hmmm. Get my eyes sliced up, or sit on the beach with a fruit drink? Let's see... My rule for travel is "3 days or 3 weeks". That is, never stay longer than 3 days unless you can stay for at least 3 weeks. Because in between 3 days and 3 weeks is "The excitement has worn off, but now there's all this time to kill." Go spelunking for trannies! Them's the stories we want to hear anyway.


D'oh! As it happens, I did go spelunking today, but for real. Really. As far as I know, Trannies don't live in caves, so I'll have to settle for passing them blindly by in Bangkok next week.

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