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Thursday, February 22, 2007


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I think I'm like 20/1000 or something. My eyes are so out of focus that lately I feel like they're actually getting better if that makes sense. Like they've come as far out as focus as possible and now are returning or rotating. Kind of like they're so bad it's now good or something like that. Maybe not. I'm blind!!


I highly recommend Lasik. And a trip to Thailand to do it. I'll even be your tour guide, just let me know.


I'll let you know when I hit the lottery. Then it'll be margarita's and lasik all around!


Sweet. Don't worry though, the price is coming down all the time. Actually, I found out from someone I met in Ko Lanta that in California, it's the same price as it cost me here in Thailand, around 2 grand.


I was really thinking of the combined price of flying to Thailand and getting lasik - and bringing the wife and boy (which I'd have to be insane to do - 26 hours on a plane with a 1 year old? WAAAA?) Not to mention the trouble I'd get into trying to bring a pound of thai-stick back with me. Let's just forget the whole thing.


You'll always have California. Much shorter plane ride.


I’ve had glasses since I was 14. My vision is not terrible without glasses. But I don’t think I’d ever get Lasik. Why? Because:

1. I just don’t have $4000-$5000 to pay a doctor to run a laser over my eyeballs. I have more important things to spend my money on than that.
2. I think..Wearing glasses sometimes has saved my eyes from God knows how many things getting/flying into them.
3. I do a LOT of reading, as well as other close-up work for hobbies, and from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), the current Lasik correction eliminates a little of near vision. (BTW, people who say they see “better than 20/20” because they see at 20/15…doesn’t that just mean that Lasik made them slightly farsighted?!
4. I don’t feel like risking my night vision, which is perfectly fine with glasses.
so....Michael i hope you will be fine in the near future.....
also...Man is Man..sometimes we can not resist it...and i was just giving H some few info about thailand.


1. You can get it done for around $2000 these days... whatever happened about that stolen Dodge Pick-up? And the stuff from the warehouse? Hmmmm?
2. This is a good point. I may have to learn to like sunglasses, after all.
3. Yes this is a possibility, losing some vision, that you may still need corrective reading glasses after. But, you're still better off if you only have to wear reading glasses occasionally. So far, I'm lucky. All my visions, near, far, and night, seem to be fine. 20/20 yo.
4. Stop making her crazy, dammit.

5. Good to see you back here again.


I'm thinking of trying this:


ummm... I really hope no one falls for this. But if they do, I hope they videotape it.

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