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Monday, February 26, 2007


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Miss Luongo

Is that you saying "wee-ooo" at the end of the show?

Oddly, I'm now quite proud of the baton routine I did to Back in Black in the 80s. I feel innovative, like I was the one who broke the rock ballad - baton twirling barrier paving the way for this fire thrower.


Actually, I don't know if that was me or not. It sounded like rather a hollow "wee-ooo", so if it was, I'm rather souless, aren't I?
I have another video where he's twirling to Light My Fire by the Doors, but I felt that one was enough. And I'm sure he got the idea from watching you, so, bravo!


there's something wrong about a guy in Thailand twilling fire to a Metallica song. I don't know why. That particular song really bums me out. First it reminds of of Cliff Burton being dead, since this is the first thing they did after he died and replaced him (and there is absolutely no bass guitar on that album). And because I read that book in one sitting one shitty day at ESU and it totally messed my mind up. I think I'm a big sap because I was bawling my eyes out. So it seems like a weird choice to me for a flame tossing display. Fight Fire With Fire might have been better - he could have done some sort of flash-pot explosion at the end of something. Weird.


I don't have any feelings either way. I like Metallica, but not as much as you do. I just didn't particularly care for the selection because it seems like more of a Bob Marley or Jack Johnson than a Metallica activity, fire-batoning on a beach. But it's cool... Actually, I notice that YouLube kind of screws up the video-sound synch after they process your videos once you've uploaded them... he actually starts twirling really fast right when the faster part of the song kicks in, and that worked better but now he starts twirling really fast about 3 seconds too early...


I just wonder if the twirler dude knows it's a song about a guy who's had his arms, legs and face blown off in a war.


Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it's kind of ironic...

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