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Saturday, March 17, 2007


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Let's go to the Stone Bar this week.


Let's go to the Stone Bar this week.


MmmmMmmm... Unfrozen Pre-Cooked Steak.

"Your 'K.C.Masterpiece' frightens and confuses me!"


It's all because of the stock market. If it wasn't for that none of this shit would be happening. God I'm such a commie pinko.

Miss Luongo

Or go to Robert John's, Anteleo, or The Private Table. All delicious.


I am SO down for the Stone Bar. When you wanna go?

Volguus, you're SUCH a batch commenter. You need to stop by more often.

The stock market sucks. I hate it I hate it I hate it! I just lost a buncha money again. Stoopid 'conomy.


And I don't know those other places, but again, I'm down. So very, very down.


Today, I had Krispy Kreme again for breakfast, thanks to my Aunt & Uncle in Ohio, and we ate lunch at a family/trucker resaurant on the way home... not a chain restaurant, but still not so great. Well, I'm home now, and I can control what I eat better now. Like... pizza... and egg and cheese bagels... and... stuff. Maybe I oughtta have a V8?


Well I'm not mad at the stock market because of its performance. I just hate the idea of it in general, because it seems like nearly everything that sucks about corporate america (and there's a lot) is because of stock. Gotta make a profit for the stock holders. That simple idea is fucking up this world, let alone this county. It's screwing up the media so badly - forget about chain restaurants!


Oh right. Yeah, I have no stocks. Never mind. Move along.


Don't mind me - I'm even worse than liberal (if that's possible).


No no, usually I agree with you. The system is shit. I just hadn't thought about the stock market aspect... you made me feel guilty, not defensive.


And just for the sake of posterity, my Dad remembered the name of the Chilli Cheese Dog place. It's Skyline. Or Skysomething. Crap.


Ok then wolfboy, ante up.


One of my greats - was a teenage stowaway during an Irish potato famine. Go figure. I've got a legit reason for drinking! I'm irish.


See, now *that's* funny.


"Skyline Chilli" - portugese fisherman - horsethief - all links in a chain... problem is the link your at is usually the weakest...

I like Bob Evans though... it's hard to ruin an egg or a pancake... and I did have a good time in Cinci watchin' you with your cousins and all... not a bad weekend spent with m'boy and his truck....

Cousin Keith

Just because my parents only eat at chain food joints doesn't mean that's all there is; I spent the rest of the weekend in Cincy, and went to an awesome Peruvian place (Sabor peruano), a local pub (Arthur's), and and independent pizza place (Cant remember the name) for the rest of my meals.

And don't knock Skyline. Skyline rules.

It was good to see you and your dad this weekend. Email me if you come to Chicago--I've already got some places to eat that you might have a hard time complaining about.


No you're right Keith... I'm sure there are places other than chain food joints to eat at... it's just that they're harder to find than they used to be. All I saw while there was the strip mall stuff. So, it's good to know the locals who know where the good stuff is at. Nice to see you here, by the way! You too, wolfboy.


Horse thieves, eh? There were horse thieves on my mother's side. Long story, but an interesting one.


Well? I don't censor the comments, have at it! Maybe our ancestors were part of a gang of horsethieves!



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