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Friday, March 23, 2007


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Look what you got for your birthday! Comment #100! YAY!


wow. and i didnt even try. I was busy wazving my shifty finger at people. naturally people here at work think im fromt he work release program. i look a little homeless.


Hey, better to look homeless than to be homeless. At least, that's what the homeless people tell me. They could be lying.


"Never do so much crack that you rob the same bank twice." New best advice ever.




At first, I must say, I logged on to tear up some ass in here, seeing that #100 had not been held for me. But then I saw that the birthday girl got it and I smiled a happy little thought in my head.

Spanky, I don't think that Gary was insulting you. The Church of the Subgenius is....well...I don't know what it is and I'm too lazy to find out. I do know it has something to do with sarcasm and spoofs. Like your funny little number about the bathroom and carrying the papers is maybe something the Church of the Subgenius would like. I'd have taken it as a compliment. I know Gary will correct all this if I am wrong. He's good at looking out for me when I'm making an idiot of myself. I can't beat that.

And, Spank, happy birthday, again and again and over and over.

Heather, LOVE THE SONG! I knew you'd come through for us. I knew we could break 100. We're like a band of blog termites.

I have to be domestic today because my mother is coming to my house tomorrow. Gotta clean and such.


I like the new Mike coffee. It goes down well with my bloggy breakfast. Speaking of going places, Mike, are ya serious about the tour guide bit? Just askin... Have tax refund, will travel. (Added bonus if your make yo momma's cheesecake.)


I am his assistant christy and i can assist you in all your scheduling needs.


Aaaaaaaaaand, it's Spanky for the blog-block. Listen, Mike doesn't need your help! He doesn't need anybody! He's a loner, Dottie. A rebel.




Hey Heather, shhh... anyone that wants to pay me to travel with them rules.

Cristy, email me. Or Spanky. We'll talk.

The Church of the SubGenius rules. The only reason I haven't joined is because I'm tired of copying everything Gary does. He always finds the cool stuff first, dammit.


Sorry. Sometimes I make a Pee-Wee reference and I don't even realize it. "Also, sometimes? I put my hands under my armpits and I smell them like this. It's bad." I have offically devolved into a quoting machine. It's not good.


Gary didn't "discover" the Church of the Subgenius. It's been around for a long time. I knew of it 6 years ago. Where you been? Out of the country?


Yeah Mike you got it wrong - Heather finds everything first. It's actually impossible to do anything she hasn't done, think anything she hasn't thought, etc.


No, it isn't, Jerky. It's impossible for YOU, maybe, but not impossible. Anyway, very sorry about all the quoting and general boisterousness. I'm going now. Someone commit a crime before Monday! Crime = good blogging.


Mike's the only one that loves me WAAAAAAAA!!!

All it takes to be a subgenius is to see the inherent coolness of Bob - his face actually. The church is not faith-based. It's FACE-based.

But that alone won't save you on X-Day. You have to pay $30 for that.

Miss Luongo

Saranne, you too can live a charmed life. all you have to do is like what you get. "Soup for dinner? Just what I wanted."


I'll have to email ya on my MySpace... this page pops up my work mail (no-no).


Julie, you are a genious! (differs from subgenius) Of course. I will now want everything I have and be perfectly content. Forever. And ever.

(I'll let you know how this works out.)

Miss Luongo

A raging sore throat? Fabulous! I wanted to lie in bed all day and watch Buffy.


I do not like sore throats and i will never want one. never.

Infact my deep "non wanting" of things is what provides most of my energy to go to work.

I do not want to be on welfare. I do not want the bank to take my car (although the cat and mouse of that would be fun till they caught me somewhere in jersey)

and i dont want to sit on the street with a can, collecting money for zig zag paper and tobacco. because when your that poor you roll your own smokes because you have nothing better to do while you are sitting on the street collecting change.

but being content is the secret i agree. wanting what you have is key in happiness, or the illusion of it atleast.

i look at happy content people and i am annoyed. not because I want what they have, but because they have (to my superficial eyes) not struggled like I have and therefore are less than. This is why I am a jerk. but you already knew that didnt you.



So much koolness in one place (and door-key-ness too!!!)... I must say I am amazed...

But I know Mike, well a little, and he's never been caffienated in my experience... the model of, oh, valium... so laid back and all... it really does me proud...

The cheese cake he refers to is good but his Mom, later in life, made the real stuff and it was even better but by that time Mike was hooked on condensed milk and cream cheese and, well...

Ms L said, "And we're all disposable. Not alot of us. Not even a lot of us. But the lot of us." and that keeps me on track... we're all here for a while then it's on to bigger and better stuff...

Also good thread, "content," is good... it's the, "I have money - cool. I don't have money - cool" thing and it's all good. There's very little that we need but, man, I do like that surrund sound system I got for Christmas... and the dulcimers and banjos and such... well as Mike's parent I better back away... but you all carry on... I think this is # 121...


Michael's parent, eh? Very nice to know that I use my real name when commenting. I need to assess this when fueling rocket suit talk.

So, I was reading "youknowwho" and I was like, OMG this person is AMAZINGLY insightful. Even moreso than M. Luongo. (sorry Jules!) I was hanging on every word and wondering how someone can say so much in so few words and make me rethink my entire outlook on life in an instant. (again, Julie, to date, is the only one who has ever been able to accomplish this with me because I am too intelligent to listen to the wisdom of another. And to think I went 14 years without her!) If you really are a parent, this all makes sense to me.

I need to start feeling more disposible. I take everything I do very seriously and insist that I am the only one who can carry out such tasks and that I am the best one for the job, etc., etc. I think if I could feel more like a plastic Glad-brand food container (keep it or toss it) my life would become amazingly fulfilling and content.

Come on, guys I'm pushing for 150 here.


Hey Sarannemeter, what are you trying to do, give my Dad a big head? That's the last thing I need... Anyway, he was quoting Julie. Reading comprehension these days, I tell ya.

Hey, I've got a new post. Go contribute!



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