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Monday, May 21, 2007


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No. Those phrases don't mean anything. The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit will cut your learning curve in half. Just remember: go where the bullshit is. They keep the money right in the same place.

Miss Luongo

Now you should read The Tipping Point. That was Gladwell's first. Anecdotal science appeals to me.


Anecdotal science? Huh... I think I really hate that term. I was thinking of Blink less as science and more as philosophy.

Miss Luongo

It's not really appropriate to use that term. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it has popular appeal as opposed to academic - and that's because of the anecdotes, which make it interesting. And it has footnotes for the skeptics.


Corporate jargon like that came about because "Greed is Good" needed to be made euphemistic to placate the SEC. "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, ...cut and paste from a few "Dilbert" comics.


Book stores make me poop. Unfortunately.


Me too Gary! Especially if I've been drinking coffee there.

Uh Volguus... have you been spying on me?


Congratulations Michael! It sounds like something you are going to be good at and will enjoy since travel is involved.

I just got a job interview that I've been on pins and needles about for weeks. Julie helped me out with getting to this point, and now, I guess I'm on my own with the interview.

Funny, McSmartypants, we rutted together, and now our skies are clearing. Of course, I don't have the job yet.

I have a ton of stuff I want to post. Post material pops into my head every second of every day. But those seconds are already being consumed by other things that do not allow time for posting. It's good that I don't post everything in my head, though. That would just get ugly.


Hear hear! Here's to not posting everything that enters our heads!

I'm with you on the job thing though... technically, I got it, but it's been over a week since I filled out the background check paperwork, and I still haven't heard back from them... I confess I'm a bit nervous. Not that I've done anything, but what if I filled out the papers wrong? Or they found that unpaid Doctor's bill from ten years ago? Or just thought about it and decided they were wrong about me after all? Or found out about my involvement in the communist party?

Wait... what was it we agreed on about NOT saying everything that went through our heads?


Oh, good luck with your job!


Mike, I hope they didn't notice that you make comments on my blog. That could hurt your job prospects.


McSmart, I am of similar mold. I have moments of worrying to the 10th degree so that every breath I take, I take in fear that the breath has been taken in error. I attribute this to my lack of detail orientation. "Did spell my name right? Did I enter my birthday date or today's date? Is public drunkeness a misdemeanor or felony? Should I add that when I hit the police officer that night it was an action of self-defense?"

Who are we kidding? This is the Kingdom Come Arena for purging the contents of our heads. You think I spill this stuff in public? Heck, no. I have an image to uphold.


Ain't no party like a commie funk party 'cause the commie funk party don't stop.


Once again, this is what I read:

"commie fuck party"

I had to read the sentence three times.

Good job on your first day of work, McSmart.


FUNK!... F-U-N-K!!! As in, "Ain't no party like the P-funk party 'cause the P-funk party don't stop!" You know... the anthem of Parliament. The funk band, not the one in D.C.

... although, your version has a certain ring to it...

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