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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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You'll probably get sent to an urban area in Texas - like Dallas or Houston - and you'll probably enjoy it.


Hey! Stop trying to make me look at things without a jaundiced eye!


Sweet sounding job.

And sweet looking metal thing.

In fact, it's sweetness all around...


That metal hooky thing looks strong enough to hold all three of my kids at once. Genius! What kind of wall mounting does it require?


Yes Tim... totally sweet! Although, I just got back from my first day at work, and my brain feels like a sponge with a flat tire. Don't ask me to make sense of that metaphor for you; either you get it or you don't.

Two bolt screws! Hang your kids and hang 'em high.


Excellent. I'll take two. (one for the coal bin room in the basement)

Miss Luongo

Very cool (nice pic, too). I'd like to know the virtues and drawbacks of paraffin vs. linseed oil.


Andrew here,I just accidentally found your blog and am so amused that a picture of me just popped up on the internet(z) along with commentary. I am glad you enjoyed the class and hope all is well with you. I admit slight jealousy regarding your traveling.
For what it's worth just yesterday I waxed (no pun intended) poetic to a client in Manhattan about the wonders of linseed oil. I think I have a problem.

Take care,


Hey Andrew! Nice to see you here. I really did enjoy that class, and I've moved so I actually do have a fireplace now. Wish I had the time to do more blacksmithing.

And yes, you do have a serious linseed oil problem. The cure? Wax on, brother.

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