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Thursday, June 28, 2007


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You should be allowed to smoke pot in a Bob Marley restaruant. Tribute to freedom my ass.


Well, you're free to drink Red Stripe beer there...


“The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.” - Bob Marley

Miss Luongo

I'm thinking about Angel. But it'll eventually lead to thoughts of Firefly. If someone doesn't bring that show back, I'm, I'm, I'm going to hold my breath until...I have to breathe again.

I'm also thinking about why jokes about 8 year old boys only surface on my blog. (Thanks.)


My pleasure. Although, not literally.


"Regina is my new lesbian friend by the way. When she hasn't been busy showing me the ins and outs of proctorship..."

It's cool that your new lesbian friend is into pegging.

And it's "Dreyfuss". Though I would have called it, "Neary My God To Thee", myself...

Or maybe, "To The Tuna 5 Celestial Notes".


I wondered if anybody would snicker at the proctorship comment. Of course it was you who did.

And whaddya mean, And it's "Dreyfuss"? Isn't that how I said it?

Miss Luongo

Tuna 5 Celestial Note! Nice.


I can't believe you spent money to go to Universal. It's like setting out to have a bad time on purpose.


The City Walk was free. No way I paid $80 to go into the island manufactured adventure.



We only spent money at Tribute To Freedom, which, Gary, actually means paying tribute to the liege lords of Freedom here in Orlando.


Methinks there was a single 's' previously...

Keep in mind, tuna without mayo is just Dreyfuss...


Well yeah but Dreyfuss without mayo is not necessarily Tuna. It could be potatoes, too. Mashed ones. The ones that make children cry.

Ooh! The Tuna of Our Children's Agony! Or, Tuna Garr!


Mashed potatoes don't make kids cry, Dads make kids cry.


Don't worry, he's still Dad.


Even if he does look like a Half 'n Half bar.


"11- I have an affinity for plain black T-shirts. And plain black socks. And plain black pants. And different brightly colored polka-dot boxer shorts."

You forgot to mention your plain black dildo - the one that you use for ass play when you force yourself on Floridian and Rwandan children.


Jeff - I just wanted to let you know.. No one says methinks anymore.


first of all, where THE FUCK is the comment I left yesterday;

the link you left on my blog brought me here, signed as messiestobjects;

Michael is the one that said "methinks";



Well, generally the black dildo would fall under the 12- I have a very healthy relationship with myself. Details are personal. category, but thanks for outing me there, sweetheart. Anyway, I haven't been able to use it for a while... are you ever going to return it or did you want to bring it on your trip to China with your brother?

KC... I saw no comment that you left yesterday, I swear. Sometimes if Typepad thinks a commenter might be fishy, it'll ask you to type in some letters and numbers written down previously by Dr. Timothy Leary into a box to confirm that you're not a spambot, but it won't usually delete a comment as spam out of hand...

And I never said 'methinks'. The name of the commenter comes below the comment; check again. Grr.

Miss Luongo

Sometimes I write methinks, and then I change it before anyone sees so I don't get ridiculed.


A half-n-half bar that makes out with other Mommies. Naughty Spielberg!


Ahh... people making fun of people for the benefit of other people.


Christie: By your grace, Madam. By your grace...


Ho ho! Touché good sir!


I heart methinks, natch. You douches LOLERZ!!!1



The Master

I say methinks.

All the time, really.

Be seeing you.


6- I absolutely do not like musicals. Except for the South Park movie. And the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy.

They're actually touring with that episode of Buffy... sort of an audience-participation-sing-along dealy with the episode playing on the big screen.

Check it out if you haven't already heard about it:


I am SO going to that.

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