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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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Miss Luongo

My envy hurts. But I'm also full of glee. I watched the video 3 times already. I love the dance. And the music. And the scenes he picked to dance in front of. It goes to show you how success will follow if you just get out there and do something. I suppose it helps if the thing you choose to do is unique.


Tell me about it. 's why I am full of jealous hatred for the guy. I guess taking touristy snapshots and blogging about them was kind of a weak idea, comparatively.


I think that that might be the Pylian Dance of Atonement.

Miss Luongo

I'm jealous of his idea, but the truth is that I don't really like to dance. I'm more of a swayer - I do a mean sway-n-shuffle. I know I should dance like no one is watching. But I did that already. I was drunk in a Tijuana bar with my Mexican friends. They really weren't looking. They didn't care what anyone did, let alone drunk, slightly uptight American girls. I was still embarrassed the next day.


Yeah... I don't dance, and that guy seems to have no bones. I'd have to have done something different. I'd originally thought about bringing a Garden Gnome with me but you know, that's been done to death. And I never really thought much further about it. Damn it.


I'd like someone to film me urinating on famous monuments and historical sites, buildings etc. all over the world.


Sock Bureau!

(That's how you spell sacre bleu! in English.)

Miss Luongo

A long time ago I read a blog of a guy who would swim or wade in fountains all over the world. He was Canadian. Sock Bureau for him!


That was the most amazing thing I've every seen!!! I love it! I almost cried! How incredible! Thank you for posting that!

I'm not jealous of the guy in the video. I would have never thought up a cool idea like his. But I AM jealous of Michael for posting the video and now I'm considering stealing the idea for my own blog. he. he.


Which idea? The idea of posting the video, or an Ode To Saying Nothing? Which was actually Gary's idea except he went on for like four paragraphs saying nothing.


Posting the video. I steel from Gary all the time. If he thinks that little video of O is cute, he's got another thing coming!

This afternoon, working on my "video in the works" I took my kids around the city and tried to make them dance like Mr. Dancing Guy. It was supposed to be a spoof. But, like many of my GREAT ideas, it did not materialize.

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