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Friday, August 24, 2007


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Miss Luongo

I don't think it looks girly. Nevertheless, I'm not sure one can define "starter bike" with "manly."


Shut it, Luongo. You take that back!


"I do not understand how I made it to my mid 30s without ever having had a motorcycle before."

Not having a motorcycle might be WHY you made it to your mid 30's ;)

My brother has an 1100 - -you need something like that. That way you can cruise at 100 mph without even trying.

Cousin Keith

Color me jealous.

I hope to get one in the next year or so, over my wife's strenuous objections. Good call on the tassels.


Yeah... I think I'd be happy with a 750 or whatever in that range. I don't really need to go 100, I just need the engine to be capable of going 100 so that it's not at full throttle in the 65 to 75 range. I think I'll be more likely to survive to my 60s at those speeds, after all.

Hey Keith! You're going to ride a bike on the streets of Chicago? Yikes. I'd move to a place with some more open roads, first.


Awesome...I don't care if it is not a Harley. Looks good to me. I can't tell if it's a sissy bike or not. I will some day own my own bike. Maybe in my mid fifties. It's always been a dream of mine since I can remember. I quit smoking three years ago, because I just couldn't breathe anymore. I joke that I quit because there wouldn't be any room on my Harley for an oxygen tank.


Cap, get your Motorcycle permit now. It's the first and most important step. Once you have it, you're not going to let a little old thing like not having a motorcycle stop you... you'll keep your eyes open and get the first one that fits your style and price range.

I rode out to Easton yesterday... It was nice because I'd never do something like that in my car, just go for a ride out there for no reason. But having a bike makes the road fun again!

Oh, and I'm an ex-smoker too, although I quit because I was really sick and had nasty fluids coming out of every orifice in my body and couldn't smoke for like a week without feeling sicker. At the end of it, I just decided not to light up another one.


Quitting smoking rules! Everyone should start just so they can quit.


Totally. I love the cheap high that nicotine withdrawal gives you.


So, you gonna ride the PanAmerican highway now?


On a 250? Nah... I need to upgrade first. But eventually I'd like to do a good cross country tour. It's every boy's dream to do that!


If you ever do go for a long ride, I highly recommend checking out the Blue Ridge highway in Virginia and points south. Really beautiful scenery. A trip down there in the fall would be pretty cool.

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