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Saturday, August 18, 2007


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"Weee-hooo. I think those documents used to be important, or something. They're pretty old-fashioned, nowadays, with archaic notions of what freedom supposedly means."

From now on you will known as "Snarky Mike"


Snarky is actually my old high school nick name. "There goes 'ol Snarky Williams", they'd say.

Miss Luongo

John, where were you born in Jamaica? Just curious. And could you tell me the latest in clothing designer trend ... leg warmers, hot or not?

Also, I believe airplanes might also be phallic symbols of white power. Possibly even evil white power.


No they're not. Shut up.

Miss Luongo

I've listened to A. Scott Berg's biography (book on tape) of Charles Lindberg too many times to count. Big fan of the founders of modern aviation. But there's been some recent evidence that he was an anti-semite, which I can't tolerate. Well, I suppose it's not so recent, the evidence. But it's fairly new to me being that it wasn't in the Berg bio. Such a shame.


Everybody's gotta have someone to hate. Otherwise you have to hate yourself, and that's takes courage of a different order.

I think John Lennon said that.

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