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Monday, September 17, 2007


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Cousin Keith

I hadn't heard of him or his books; I'll have to add it to my list.


Why, do you read fantasy? If you do, and you hadn't heard of him... shame on you!

Start with The Eye of the World. Good stuff. By the time you're done with the series, you'll be getting a Dragon tattoo pronto.


I, too, hate when great writers die. It affects me in a weird way. When movie stars or pop stars or members of any other fame genre pass, I shrug my shoulders and assess that they probably had it coming. But when writers die, there's a void that I cannot explain. Maybe it's because we feel that we have laid claim on an intimate part of who they were. They've taken us places, introduced us to extraordinary people and events, and have shared with us their inner-most thoughts. They've made us stop and walk around to back side of life for a different view; a new perspective. They've given us something to look forward to at the end of the day. Like the summer I had to leave this plane of existance every evening after nine to fight the good fight atop the Mount Doom.


Yeah, what you said. I agree with you Sissy, although in this particular case I'm also sad because he only had one more book to go! Aargh.

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