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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


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Hey what gym did you join and what's the deal like? Also do they have racquetball? I want to play racquetball really badly. Meaning poorly. No really it's great exercise. I used to play at the Y in S'burg before they removed the courts.


That one over in Eastburg at Eagle Valley. I believe they do in fact have racquetball.
Membership is like $60 a month. They also have tennis and basketball courts, and all kinds of classes you can take for free like pilates and tai chi. I think I'll stick to my treadmill for now... a half hour on that thing is killing me. Once I get my stamina up a bit, I'll probably get more diverse.

Miss Luongo

Exercise cures ennui. Endorphins minimize existential angst.


Eat my Sartre.


I like the elliptical machines. It's hard at first if your stamina isn't that great (and your calf muscles may hurt at first) but after a while it gets better. The reason I like it is it's low impact so your old man joints don't get banged up.


My new favorite thing is the sauna. After 45 minutes in the gym, sauna rules.



for some reason i can get to your page again, at least today, so here's 'props'. do the kids still give 'props'? never was in that loop.

sorry to hear you're falling apart, though. it's to be expected with our advanced years. I mean, your mind's been going for a while now, right? Hope your health insurance has kicked in.

i can relate to wrist brace annoyance right now- i'm learning to type with one hand. no, not to facilitate masturbating to computer porn- it's month two of a three- month cast for a broken hand/arm... which i broke in a computer porn masturbation accident, or something. i forget, exactly.

to hell with personal trainers- come to china- let china-men kick you and beat you with sticks while you run hundreds of old stone stairs- actually, i'm getting sluggish from all the vigorous nothing that the broken hand/arm has me occupied with, but pass time trying to cut meat and getting help opening bottles. dont sell sluggish short- sluggish worked well for both of us for a lot of years.

bytheway- congratulations on the recent acquisition. i like the little black girl bike.. I actually meant little, black girl bike- not that the bike was more suitable for little black girls... i guess i could've just fixed that without the explanation.

but i'm glad you're doing it. I apparently shouldnt be allowed on them. Twice this summer I've fallen off motorcycles onto very hard surfaces. Try not to do that.

Anyway, it's good to hear the stuff that's going well- all the selling out and becoming your fucking khakis, the pumpkin- scented candles, the chocolate- hazelnut coffee and elliptical training...

write me regarding your kramperl status, ok? later.


Shit, you mean I've gone long enough without offending China that they took me off their list? I must be getting old and inoffensive.

Hey China! You're steeoopid. Yeah that's right.

Krampus... Well, I'm trying to secure the time off. Apparently November/December is a very busy time for Computer training... lots of companies start using up any leftover budget money for the year by getting training for their employees. I'm working it. I know you hate it, but it's likely to be another last minute thing again for me. You know of anybody else that's going? Jen? Nimmer and Matt, I'm sure... I should write Allison and Jordan.

And I am not my khakis, I am not my pumpkin scented candles. Martha Stewart's ship went down a long time ago man. I just really like my Khakis, but it's not like they define my personality or anything. Sheesh. If they were black, then maybe.


Hey Michael,

Did you find anything worth doing in Rapid City? I'm going there on Thursday for a film premiere (part of my new job with a film festival) and you didn't mention it too much in your post.

Is most of the cool stuff in the surrounding area?


I didn't actually spend too much time in Rapid City... pretty much just slept there. I'd driven all day from Yellowstone to Gillette for work, then down to Mt. Rushmore, and from there I got into Rapid City pretty late, although I did find myself in the middle of a city-wide classic auto show when I got there. It seemed like the kind of place where a city-wide classic auto show is about the high point of something to do, although it seemed like a fairly large city, so who knows.

Mt Rushmore is about 1 1/2 hours south of Rapid City, so if you have the time, that's fairly worthwhile. It's a really pretty area too, so the drive is very nice.


Oh! The town of Deadwood is only an hour or two away, also. It's kind of chintzy, but worth seeing. Again, if you have the time, do a triangle. Rapid City-Deadwood-Mt.Rushmore-Rapid City.


Also, nice going, working with a film fest... that's a far cry from oil rig drilling...


Yeah, but before working on the rigs I was a TV reporter.

Thanks for the tips.


Nice! Get me on TV.

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