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Monday, September 17, 2007


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Miss Luongo

White-tailed dear: "the most dangerous and destructive wild animal in North America, an animal responsible for maiming and killing hundreds of humans each year"

Those deer have the nerve to over-populate our land and aggressively throw themselves in front of our motor vehicles on our roads.

The only solution..."You have to kill it with guns."


I know! Good article right? I have to say, I've always been pro-deer and anti-hunting, but after that well written article and my own recent experience with the murdering little fauns... The damn bambis must die!


My favorite irony in that article by the way is that Hunters are actually responsible for increasing the number of deer in our forests by encouraging breeding in the off season so that, come hunting time, they can basically sit on a tree stump with a beer cooler and shoot everything that walks by. So irony on top of irony, the stereotype image of the fat stupid lazy drunk hunter is doubly reinforced by their kindness to the deer population! (If you can stomach the idea of helping deer be more successful as a species so you can shoot them later as a kindness, that is.)

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