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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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I'm shocked. ;)

You're a terrist.


Terrism rules.



Just an update: Rapid City is not too shabby (good beer at the Firehouse, I'm here right now). I haven't had a chance to go explore the surrounding areas, but tonight I'm going to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for a special screening of the film we're here scouting. Never been there but always wanted to.

I have to make a trip to your part of the country soon. Any film festivals down there that you know of?


Um, this area isn't too filmfesty that I'm aware of... but hey, we're only an hour & 1/2 from New York City, so I'm sure you can find loads of stuff there.

Rapid City looked like it may have had potential, but like I said I didn't really have time. Glad you're doing it right!

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