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Friday, October 19, 2007


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Miss Luongo

It says:

"Reality TV star and model Sasha Gardner was born with one ear missing and recently took the first steps to have plastic surgery to rebuild the ear.

She said: 'He views this as art but I personally find it offensive. It is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people.'"

I'm sorry, it's possible for a reality TV star to be offended? Really?

I'm not sure if she knows that her MySpace page is offensive. Not everyone can have a body like hers so when she flaunts it around, that hurts people's feelings.


Yeah, I was going to say something about her, but I figured the important aspect of this story was the ear. You know, on the arm.

Anyway, I think she's too much of a culture whore to pay attention to what comes out of her mouth.


I wonder if Sasha would be willing to have my balls grafted to her chin.

I'm sorry. That was offensive.


But funny.

Miss Luongo

Earie. Haha. I just saw that.


I'm sneaky like that.

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