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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Cool - it just means one more chance for other people to maybe read his book.

It definitely helped me with my constant problem of always wondering why the hell so many people supported Bush and continue to support him (I guess that number has gone down a bit, but still). Why couldn't they see him like I did, even before 9/11? Now I understand. I don't feel any better about the situation, but now I feel like I understand it a lot better. It definitely brings things I already intuitively knew into a sharper focus.


I think what it is is that it's reassuring that someone out there is looking into the problem... but somehow it doesn't make me feel that much better. I mean, he's defining those people, but he's not offering any sort of, you know, final (ahem) solution for what to do about these mentally sub-par termites.

Although I do both pity and envy them. On the one hand it must be nice to go through life with such certainty and not to have to feel much self-doubt. But on the other hand, if Bob is right, most of this authoritative following behavior stems from fear, and so really at bottom they're just a bunch of scared little children who were incapable of growing up and facing the world as it really is.

By the way, I know of an extremely good example of a left-wing authoritative follower, as rare as Bob says they are... my old friend Isaac.


"It definitely brings things I already intuitively knew into a sharper focus."

And oh yes, my thoughts exactly. It feels when reading it that he's not exactly shocking us with new information, so much as elucidating previously baffling behavior. He's a taxonomist of human stupidity.


thinking about this reminded me about this study I read about a while ago:,5500,1208584,00.html

Miss Luongo

Indeed. Reading that excerpt made me remember my confusion after WMDs weren't found. I remember saying, "well, you've got to admit now that this was a mistake." And the justifications I heard in reply made my mouth drop. I said, "just because we don't like a leader doesn't mean we're allowed to go and kill him. If that were the case, all of the countries in the world would converge on Washington." But, it was useless. I'm not sure if labeling it Authoritarian followers makes me feel less rage. I mean, I already had a label for them...


What are you talking about? They DID find WMDs. They were in the basement of Saddam's palace being guarded by Osama Bin Laden.


I think that, in human evolution, (because currently I believe that our evolution is occurring in human thought patterns) we take 2 steps forward, one step back. People capable of critical thought are our current 2 steps forward, and neocon, theocon, conservative right wing authoritative republican David Brent types are the step backwards.

Maybe it serves a purpose you know, like backing up your hard drive, in case the newer models don't work out, there are still plenty of copies of the old model laying around to restart from.


Well like I said over at my place it's all a matter of degree. You need some submission to authority, And you need some people that want to be leaders. I think the problem is kind of gradual erosion of values in society that we're now at the point where you'd have to be almost insane to WANT to run for office and the ones that do court the voters they know they can count on. Zappa was pointing it out 25 years ago that this mingling of the fundamentalists and politics was a disaster for our country, and he was right. The big problem is they work harder than we do. I just wish they could just be happy with their heavenly reward and stop messing with the earthly realm.


Sure... speed limits and stopping at red lights are very good ways to submit to authority. But when it comes to war, people need to think more responsibly. The problem with power is that generally only the power-hungry are drawn to it. Politicians are, as a rule, only in it for the booty. The people who would probably make the best leaders want nothing to do with power over other people's lives, they only want control over themselves.

And the Fundies feel such a desperate need to convert everybody, by the sword if necessary, because they lack the confidence of the individual. They want everyone to believe what they believe because they think that validates their own feelings.

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