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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Wouldn't be weird if all of the Americans were in Australia?

Good read though. As long as you have this job and blog I'll never have to go anywhere. Thanks man.


That would be weird, but I think that it would be better if the Europeans were in America, and moved the Americans to Siberia. Except for me, and you know, other Americans with less hoo-ah in them.

Miss Luongo

Under the new guidelines, could Yakov stay? He's an American citizen and he has hoo-ah, but it's with an accent. If he left, what would they do with that big building with his name on it?


Well, he is a tad much too hoo-ah, but he comes by it honestly. He's seen other places, he's not some dumb hick who thinks "America, fuck yeah!" just because he was brainwashed that way. Tough call. I think his case would have to be reviewed by the supreme counsel before I can make a call on that one.


Michael's the Decider.


Are you making fun of me? Just wait until your case is up for review...


Hi there. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to Missouri. I'm sorry you didn't get to see Yakov's show. It’s a great one!

Branson is definitely one-of-a-kind vacation destination. Branson has 52 magnificent live performance theaters, three pristine lakes, 12 championship golf courses, an international award-winning theme park, dozens of attractions and museums, shopping galore, a full range of dining options, and a host of hotels, motels, resorts and meeting and conference facilities... all waiting for you.

The next time you're in town, please let us know so that we can help you plan your trip.


Thanks, JMK.


I think you just got spammed by the Branson Missouri tourist board... or something.


make that the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Yeah... I was going to delete it but A) It seems like he at least read the post, B) My blog does occasionally serve as a travel blog, after all, and C)I'm feeling a bit of ennui today and don't care enough to care... I'm getting really tired of Neosho.


just read last year's krampus blog, damn i miss you guys sometimes! sometimes.

i do believe in 2003 you and scott nearly got your asses beat stealing canes. even in my grappa drunkeness i remember demons trying to get on the bus to come after you guys (i think scott slipped and fell in the mud trying to escape) and jason had to stand up to them to keep 'em off the bus. good times. i think i even got whipped because of scott that night! bastard.


Hey Emily! Yah good times, good times. Remember that ski lift we broke, and then stole?

And, I think you've phrased that last sentence wrong: You didn't get whipped because of Scott, you got whipped by Scott. And me. And Greg. And Lipper. You were askin' for it.


how could i forget that you tried to cut off my head with your snowboard by pushing me off the t-bar? thank god no one has those damn contraptions in the states! they're just asking for drunk idiots to try t-bar olympic tricks.

and i may have been asking for it but some day i'm dragging all your asses onto dr. phil to accuse you of ruining my life and causing me to turn into a crazy cat lady-just as soon as i start liking cats.


Ha! I think it was YOU who were being ornery on the T-bar, not me. You have some fun selective memory there, em cat.

Dr. Phil doesn't scare me. I'll kick his ass of the t-bar, too.

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