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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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Miss Luongo

I don't know who the Himmelburgers are, but it's "all of a sudden." I've never heard anyone say "all of the sudden." Although I have heard people say "nip it in the butt" instead of "nip it in the bud."

So, a week after food poisoning, you decide to eat Mexican border town food? Brave man.

Nice photo of the Mexican cowboy.


The Himmelburgers are My Dad's wife's family. They had an argument when I was there for Thanksgiving about whether it was "a" or "the", and I remember that the question was settled, I just don't remember which side they came down on.

I've seen it written with a "the" before. I guess logically though, 'the' doesn't make sense as 'sudden' isn't really a noun in that phrase. Good call.

What, is there something wrong with Mexican border food? Are they like Chinese Buffets who don't wash their lettuce?

I got more Mexican Cowboy photos.

Miss Luongo

It makes me happy that Mexican street food beats Midwest Chinese buffet.

Oh, I just looked up "all of the sudden" and found a bunch of pages by snarky professor-types who like to berate people about the use / misuse of idioms. Hmm. I had no idea.

Perhaps someone ought to make a page which records how often snarky professor types get laid by berating people about the use / misuse of idioms.

Miss Luongo

Oh, your blog looks so fancy! Thanks!


I know right? You're welcome.


"'s 'all of a sudden.' I've never heard anyone say 'all of the sudden.' "

My pet peeve is "must of been." It's "must have been." We all have our hang-ups.

Once again, MO, your photographs are stunning. I love 'em!

Keyser's going to Mexico in two weeks. I opted not to join him. Not my gig.


I think that people must confuse when they hear people say "must've been" with "must of", as it sounds. Ah, the progression of street slang in action.

Thanks on the photo comment Siss... where you been?


Gymnastics. It sucks the life blood outta me. Just this morning, I was asking myself how in the hell I got myself into running a city-wide program. If I'm not coaching, which is every day, I'm contacting judges, writing regulations, pouring over paperwork, coordinating meets, resolving parent issues, sitting in administrative meetings, raising funds, organizing events, and collaborating with the six coaches who work with me. Sorry you asked? lol.


Wow, that's too high energy for me. I'm happy if I can make it to the gym for my half hour on the treadmill two days in a row.


Yeah. Nothing like getting paid to exercise.

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