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Sunday, January 06, 2008


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Miss Luongo

1. Sorry about Blu-Ray.
2. Good business idea. If I had any money, I'd join you.
3. New Years Eve Indian food doesn't get a mention?


I hate High Def and everything to do with it. There's no way I'm spending thousands on a TV. The prices better drop A LOT before I even consider buying one. And if the time comes where I'll have to have one, I'll just stop watching TV altogether. I've already given up watching movies.

If you do create a spa make sure if they have massages that the happy ending is optional. :P


@ Julie - Oh yes, New Year's Indian food was the first awesome food of the New Year... except that, of course it was consumed on New Year's Eve... technically still in 2007. But what the hey, it didn't come out of me until the morning of the 1st in 2008, so we'll include it.

@ Gary - High Def is actually extremely cool, but only if you're into movies, which of course you're not, and only if you have the proper TV and sound system. It's not widespread enough to be cheap yet, so it's understandable not to buy into it yet. I wish I had been smart enough not to, although I will say that 2001: A Space Odyssey looked and sounded AMAZING in high def, as did The Shining. It's a completely different experience, almost like they're different movies.

The happy ending will only be optional in any Thailand franchises I open, sorry G.


Yeah I know it looks frickin awesome but I have guitar stuff and pirate radio gear to buy and that's expensive enough as it is.


Michael, I will take your tenacity into consideration and thank you for something new.

For two days now I've been ranting on in my head about ME and figured that tomorrow I will sit and unleash it onto my blog. Then you reminded me what my dad said when I presented him with my autobiography at the age of twelve: "Sissy, most people's lives aren't interesting enough for other people to want to read them."

At the same time, I find myself often completely uninterested in the non-self topics people post, and immediately assess the posts as autobiographical blurbs hidden behind public interest jargon. It's a lose-lose arena. Post about yourself, and people are bored. Post on your interests, and people see through it as your way of saying, "This is what I do when I'm not writing about myself."

Personally, and regardless of my interest level, all posts fly. It all lends to peeling away the layers of who we are and what makes us tick.


Yeah I guess... I'm actually not really sure what my motivation is for continuing to blog though. I've always enjoyed writing, even though I'll never write the great American novel, and I suppose that keeping a blog is slightly more dangerous and exciting than keeping a journal the old fashioned way. Not to mention more socially acceptable here in the information age.

I think that I have many small, different reasons for continuing to blog. Originally, it was a way to wean myself off of obnoxious mass emails to friends and family about how exciting my life was, so that the people who actually cared could check up on whether I was still alive in Iraq or not if they wanted to, rather than risk boring those who didn't care with my emails. Over time it also became a way to vent frustrations over the madness I was witness to over there. I also noticed then that it helped to organize my thoughts about certain subjects when I put them down for an audience, even if it was only an audience of one or two.

For a while after that it was a combination of habit, and the continuing vanity of showing off my travels and my photos, regardless of whether anybody wound up caring or not... I just wanted a place to put things, and maybe get some feedback. Like a brain dump. Yeeaahhh, a brain dump, that's the ticket.

I guess it continues to be combinations of those things and other things, depending on the day, the post, my mood.

I've been going back through my blog over the last few days, assigning categories to all of my past posts as that's a blog feature I'd never utilized, but recently decided it was a good idea, which is probably where this comment comes from. It's weird to go back in time and see where my head was two years ago... Which, Hey! Another reason to blog. To remind myself of who I was.


"To remind myself who I was."

...I do think it is time for a sissy post on this topic.

In other news, I started blogging because I was convinced I had something to say that the WORLD needed to hear. Thank God learning the truth didn't cost me any money and no more time than it was already costing me keeping it all in a journal.

I love this blog. It's a good place for me to hang and (I am so pathetic) But moreso, there's something about something over here that gets me all exestensial and provokes self-searching thoughts on a diverse range of topics and issues. Like, I'd never in a ga-zillion years consider reading a sci-fi book until you gave a really objective overview on the author and content. And I hated Mexico until I saw your pics and considered perhaps I am too harsh. Oh, I could go on, but I have a post to post on something I lost.


Aw hell Sissy, blushing is bad for my complexion.

I'm glad you're considering sci-fi... it's good for the neurons. I have a post about sci-fi in general kicking around in my head; I'll see you there!

I'm also glad you think I provoke self-searching thoughts and existentialism, but something tells me you're pretty good at getting there on your own, drama queen! :)


Drama Queen.

I'm a sucker for flattery.


Well, you're a Drama Queen in the most flattering manner.


And I rank high among the best, yet, no one can beat the best of the best. Of the best. I don't even try to compete.


No, no one can beat her highness. But competition is unnecessary; No one really wants to be the best of the best of the best. Look at what that kind of pressure does to a person. Yuck.


Yeah, sadly enough, I know how being the best at something can affect a person.

But, really, we shouldn't be talking about Julie like this.




Yes, of course you're right. Um, Julie, might go totally off the deep end if she thinks I'm talking about her.

Miss Luongo

I know people talk about me. I'm interesting!


Shh! Julie, be quiet! Julie might hear you.


And to think of all those years I wasted on paranoia, certain that everyone was saying bad things about me behind my back. As it turned out, no one cared enough to talk about me behind my back.


For not talking about me behind my back.



Sissy, I talk about you behind your back all the time.


sniffle. hic. weep.


thank you.



(pss psst pss sissy psst pss) You're welcome.


You guys are so in love with me it's not even funny.


I win!


So much for Stealth Maneuvers.

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