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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Also, this video is an absolute must see. Tom Cruise has lost his sanity club card.


No way! I think I saw that movie. Good flick. I remember feeling really bummed for those guys without the hd-dvd players. Poor guys.


I know, right? But don't feel bad for them; they didn't have to be around for the tirade Hitler had on Blu-Ray. Better on the outside of a room with Hitler in it than on the inside, I always say.


Blu-Ray has no idea what's in store.

Miss Luongo

This is why I'm not an early adopter. Well, this and the fact that I don't have money to blow. But we had an 8-track player...I know the heartbreak of betting on the losing technology.


You can still buy 8-track players at flea markets and such, so if you blew a bunch of money on 8-tracks, you can still listen to them.

That's what is known as the Early Adopter's Solace: My HD DVD player will last a long time, and I'm sure I'll be able to pick up used ones for years to come, so at least I'll be able to watch my HD DVD discs for a while yet. Like those dudes that still had Betamax players on their console shelves as late as 2002, when the Betamax product line was actually finally discontinued. I bet that's a factoid you're surprised to hear, huh?


Miss Luongo

Betamax hung on until 2002? I am surprised. When I was in college I did a huge fake ad campaign for MiniDiscs, another crappy product from Sony that was incompatible with existing technology and required full commitment of adopters. It only ever caught on in Japan.


I thought MiniDiscs were cool. It's just that Sony does that whole communistic proprietary technology thing that you're talking about, and I hate them. Well, that's what we have to thank Warner Brothels for; the future of DVD is Blu-Ray, and Sony is going to make the consumer pay dearly for it!


My mom still has an 8-track player in her attic. With the collection of 8-tracks.

I didn't own a CD player until 1995. It's the only one I have. To date.


post some copyright violating fractals hahaha - just kidding ;)


Hey, my copyright violating fractals are still out there! But that's probably because only like 5 people have ever seen them... not much of a threat to those copyright holders.

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