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Thursday, February 14, 2008


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You should get that stomach bug I had. I lost like 7 or so lbs in just a few days. Awesome!

How tall are you btw?


I went through a dramatic bout of depression recently... lost like three pounds. That was fun. I've had a few stomach viruses though, and they didn't do much for me unfortunately. That weight tends to come back pretty quickly.

I'm 5' 11".


I'm about 5'11" also and 200 lbs. After my vomiting and diarrhea I was around 190. I'd like to be 185 but I don't see that happening. When I was working out I never lost any weight at all. I was more muscular than I am now, which was nice. I think I just like being around 190-200. I cannot imagine getting down to like 170 - which would be considered normal for someone 5'11"


Yeah, I guess that losing weight isn't so much the point as getting in shape is... I mean, I have a lot of weight to lose in my gut area, but if I turn my blobby beer fat into a rippin' six-pack of equal weight, I'll be happy. I use the Cybex toning machines every day, and my upper body has definitely seen some improvement, but I've got a ways to go before the belly's gone.

Miss Luongo

Aw, Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Miss Luongo

I knew a guy in high school who was an unbelievable cross country runner - set all sorts of records. He'd be out running around town training with the team, setting the pace for miles, when eventually he'd turn to the rest and say, "pretend like you're in 'Nam." Then he'd take off like a shot and they wouldn't see him again until they got back to the school. I think of him when I'm on the treadmill, but mostly it makes me think that if my life depended on my running skills, I'd be dead.


I hate running. I reallllly hate it. It hurts everything. But, it feels good when I'm done, so I keep doing it. If my life depended on my running skills, well, all I'm saying is that if there wasn't a 15 minute session in the sauna in the bargain, I wouldn't last long.


I can't run. I prefer the eliptical machine if I must do cardio. It only hurts your calf muscles at first and then that goes away. I find it much easier on the joints.


I tried using the elliptical machine once... Once. I was on it for like five minutes, and it absolutely killed me... Well, seriously it was a near-death experience though. That was a ways back, and I may be in better shape to handle it now, but I'm still scared.

And I got a bit of that joint pain back in the beginning also, especially in the knees, but I think they've strengthened because I only get muscle soreness now. I haven't noticed knee pain in a long time.


Yeah one time for 5 minutes isn't really enough to get used to it. It is a weird thing at first and I didn't like it either - but after a few times I liked it much more than the treadmill. Damn I was in such good shape then (2000-01). I could play intense racquetball matches and be loving it. I think I'd probably keel over after 10 minutes. It was sweet having free access to the Y (and having that 3 blocks away).


I wasn't annoyed by this post at all. For two years now I've been struggling to get back in shape.

My physique is deceiving and every time I try and explain this, people think I'm being vain. I'm not. I was born muscular. Pics of me in a bikini 20 years ago look like pics of me in a bikini today. In college, I was a little chunkier than I am now, and having babies resulted in an instant 60-pound weight gain that took care of itself regardless of exercise or diet.

When my youngest was three (two years ago), I decided to return to running. I love to run, it's good for the heart, and it clears my head. I actually ran about 3 miles a day through my pregnancies. Spanky's fave story is of me running down main street in manayunk, 6 months pregnant, with morning sickness, and stopping at every trash can to puke. Good times.

So, two years ago I went for a run. My foot bothered me, but I figured it was normal since I hadn't run in about a year at the time. The following day, I stepped down on it wrong at gymnastics and broke the fucker. I was in a cast for nine weeks and haven't so much as gone for regular walks since then.

My eating is just as bad as my exercise. Cookies. Cookies. McDonald's. Cookies.

I layed in bed last night feeling like I was choosing to do myself in at the rate I am going.

I want to feel like I can take on the world again, the way I felt when I exercised regularly. I loved that feeling. I loved the view of the world from a bike, or a run, or even a walk. I loved the soundtrack that played through my headphones. I loved the thoughts that meandered through my mind during those "alone" times.

Maybe you have sparked something in me. Perhaps now is the time to get my ass in gear. All I have to do is go for a walk every day. That's a good start. And for the most part, as in everything I try to accomplish, starting is the hardest part. Once I'm in the groove, I'm good to go.

Congrats on your weight loss.

And thanks, in advance, for letting me put a post in a comment box.

(why the fuck do I do this?)


Hey my pleasure... people posting in my comment space only adds to the coolness of my blog, and your thoughts are always welcome.

But I'm confused... you say that you don't do much exercise these days, but aren't you always doing gymnastics with your kids? And, if it's true that you haven't been really exercising, damn. You really were born lucky. When I don't get any exercise and eat like crap, I look like the inbred lovechild of Mayor McCheese and the Grimace.

Miss Luongo

I look the same (to myself) when I gain weight. I mean, I know I'm looking softer, but no big deal. Until I hit a point when my big pants don't fit. That's when I look hard at myself and realize I'm ... fat! And while I fleetingly wonder why no one mentioned it while it was happening, I'm grateful that my friends and family aren't so shallow that they've pointed it out.

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