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Saturday, March 01, 2008


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Miss Luongo

You should submit that blurry picture of Britta to Rolling Stone. It's awesome.


Aw thanks, you're so sweet. This means a lot coming from the girl who had the good taste to totally pan those gross Linday Lohan shots.


I agree. I stopped scrolling on the blurry pic. It rocks.

One of my fave wedding album pics is of me and Keyser doing "our dance". The flash hadn't gone off. The photographer had accidentally left it in with the proofs, but I snatched it up. It's all orangy and fuzzy. It's the only genuine photograph I have of my wedding that accurately illustrates the real time memory I have of that day.

Anyhoo, I have an idea of what Obama might mean when he throws out those words on change to the general public. But I will keep my own words to myself. And continue to fear for the welfare of this country on so many levels.

Mad Max meets Rambo in Washington. It will go down in history. That is, if it's still being recorded by then.


Hey, long time no see... How you been, Sissy?

I'm a big fan of slightly blurry shots... they often seem to hold more meaning than your average picture. One of my favorite ones like that I ever took is this one.

A part of me would rather have Obama than McCain, if we can't get Hillary, but the more rational side of me realizes that in the end it doesn't matter if you get hit with a cane or fed a carrot, they both come from the hand of the same master.

Miss Luongo

That's bleak.


Political candidates are bleak, because they're ultimately in it for themselves no matter how good they sound. If a blacksmith or a social worker without any previous political leanings ever decided to run for office, I'd feel better about the whole thing.

I guess my feeling is that "Politician" should not be a job description. Good people who really do care about other people more than their own ambition generally don't wind up in the political arena.


Ooooo. That's heavy. I like it. And it's why the human race will someday crash and burn. How's that for bleak?

Do you think that the original U.S. politicians were in it for the glory? Didn't they start the ball rolling on the back of "freedom" from people like themselves?

It's like the alcoholic chain that can't be broken. "I promise we will build a new world and be free from the evils of the throne!"

Huh. I guess we're still free. And although I'm not worldly, I think England is free, too. And their money is worth more than ours. And they were kind enough to pull their prince out of the war last week. Good peeps.


I'm mostly speaking in generalities here, but my gut feeling is that people that actually want to be in positions of authority over other people are generally bad people.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and other such heroes were in a slightly different situation, politically speaking, than we are now. They were trying to make a home for themselves and for a new nation of disenfranchised people. GW was quite happy to turn over his Presidency at the end of his term, which is actually quite an undersung and dramatic incident in our history. The American people loved old George. Most people didn't really understand the new form of government and the reasons behind it, and many many many of them wanted George to be President for life. He could have been KING, if he wanted. But he knew that if Democracy was to work, power had to be abdicated before it corrupted.

We're still free, sure, whatever that means, but much less so than before our current train wreck of a penisident got into office, much less so than before JFK was murdered... etc etc. I wonder where we'll be in 20 years.

Miss Luongo

Jessie The Body Ventura believes the same thing. There shouldn't be politicians, just smart, altruistic people who want to serve the public for 4 years. He also believes that if people make bad choices and get themselves into trouble, they should pull on their bootstraps and get out of their troubles on their own. Oh, what lofty goals that wacky celebrity public servant has for us.


Democracy would work if "Good people who really do care about other people more than their own ambition" were consistantly voted into office rather than power-hunger mongers who are about as talented as a stone wall when it comes to leading an institution.

Like GW, a true leader steps up with a country's objective in mind, not "what can I do or say to make these people like me". Democracy originated as a means to fair and trusted operations. Now it is a platform for popularity based on abstract fabrications lacking the intelligence and courage by which our founding fathers were driven.

Sadly, faith without action is dead and our country has suffered greatly from putting our faith in those who have implemented nothing to back it.

It's turned into a game.

I'm glad to hear that Mr. Ventura is thinking clearly. Unfortunately, the whack-jobs of our nation take the spotlight from those who actually make sense.

True leaders don't want to be king. They build foundations upon which future leaders can stand and continue to cultivate. True leaders have better things to do than rule forever. It's a component of being an innovator.

Movement is necessary for change.

Change germinates growth.


I like Jessie The Body Ventura. He could totally kick Arnuld's ass. And that's exactly what I'm talking about. I think that nobody should be allowed to stay in politics for more than a few years. Or that beyond a salary equivalent to a school teacher's, they should not be allowed to make any other money during that time, or something. I'm no political genius, but there need to be more strictures on our politicians. Or maybe if you go to school as a poly-sci major, or any other learning course which teaches politics, you can't ever hold an elected office or a decision-making position; you'd only ever be able to be a political aid or adviser or something.

Maybe that's naive, but I just feel that people who want power are bad, and people who want power don't really care about a fair Democracy, and people who want power gravitate towards Washington or poly-sci majors.

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