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Saturday, April 05, 2008


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Miss Luongo

I'm all about Newton's Law of Inertia. Milk is the outside force that acts upon me. If I need it, I'll go out. When I'm out, I'll run errands, go to the gym, visit people ... but once I pick up the milk, I have to immediately get it home and into the fridge. I wouldn't do anything were it not for milk. Well, to be technical about it, the milk is for my coffee. So, I wouldn't do anything were it not for my addiction to caffeine.


Caffeine does tend to get one out of bed in the morning.

For me right now, it's the gym. If I sit around the house too much, I start to feel slobbish, like my old days in Iraq, and I feel the need for some exercise. Then, after my workout, I'm exhausted and I don't have enough energy to do aught but buy coffee at Mr. Z's and go home. It's a vicious cycle.

Speaking of the gym, I had my personal trainer session the other day and they compared my numbers to my original numbers from when I first joined... I've lost 20 lbs of fat! 5 1/2" from my waist! I'm psyched. Thanks, Lt. Col. Davis, for giving me the impetus to fight against fat and stupidity.

Miss Luongo

Nice face, by the way.


Your face.

Discouragement Kitten

You need to get fixed.


Nuh uh.

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