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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Sissy LouiseMarie Parker

Wow! Awesome trip! I just read about the first Starbucks two days ago. I have one a block from my house and they have a bunch of promotional collateral about the history of the franchise, yadda, yadda. So that's cool that you were there while I was reading about it.

That museum sounds like it really rocks. The best museums I've been to are the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and the Mutter Museum in Philly.

At d'Orsay I touched the glass that encased Edgar Degas' Ballerina Bronze. I was frozen in time. Keyser actually left the building, smoked a cigar, and returned without me having moved from the case. I took a ton of flashless pics (permitted) which came out really well, but then I lost them!!!!

The Mutter Museum was just cool for the corpse factor. And the history of epidemics running rampant through society because there was a time we didn't understand the dangers of dumping sewage into the streets.


Thanks Siss! It was a cool trip. I've been to the Louvre in Paris, but those kind of hoity toity places get on me after an hour or three. Plus that Mona Lisa bitch just sits there and stares at you all day.

I could've stayed in the Sci-Fi museum all day... Finally! A museum for me! A museum that speaks to me! I also really liked the Spy museum in Washington D.C. And pretty much any Science museum in general, especially those hands on ones where you can play with electricity and junk.

Miss Luongo

I like the cutting-edge visual art the best. I'm pretty sure those shows are put up for my pleasure. The 1999 Biennale in Venice was artopia (you know, art utopia). I prefer the highly competitive juried shows. They have the best variety of unusual stuff. Plus, they give you snacks if you go on the first day. And you can always wear black. See? What could be more perfect?


There was something in the same building as the sci-fi museum called the Experience Music Project... I know you're not big on music in general, but it seemed pretty visually based. I didn't go in, even though the ticket included both museums, but if you'd have been there, I bet you'd have found it pretty fascinating.

I on the other hand love music in almost all of its forms (Rap and the Blues, yuck.) and for some reason, they blinded me with science fiction to the extent that it didn't even occur to me that I might want to check it out. They may need to rethink that whole museum combination; each subject elicits rabid fanaticism from it's fans, making it hard to enjoy both of them on the same day, apparently.

Snooty McVandersnot

"I don't like Starbuck's coffee... too acidy. I like my coffee stronger and with the coffee machines having been cleaned out every once in a while."

Starbucks cleans the coffee machines and lines constantly. They also throw out their old coffee every hour. I should know. I totally worked there a month and failed miserably to hack it.


Actually, I'm beginning to think that I've misjudged Starbucks' coffee based on one or two miserable experiences. The first time I ever had a coffee from there was at one of their franchises in some shopping mall in Dubai. It was awful. That must be where my impression of their coffee as being acidy and old comes from. I think the only other time was someplace in Germany, and I may only have disliked it because the coffee in Germany in general is awesome; there is a Volkswagon plant in Columbia, so they tend to get first dibs on the best coffee imports from there, and Starbucks must have paled horribly in comparison.

The one I had at Pike Place, Seattle was good... but I chalked that up to it being the "real", original place. The other places on the same street all had great coffee, too.

But then... I forgot to have my morning coffee yesterday because I had a free day and I was in a hurry to get to the beach (I'm in Fort Lauderdale) and I developed a nagging headache that wouldn't go away during the course of the afternoon, and I realized it was caffeine deprivation. I only have one cup a day normally, but still, apparently the lack of that cup is enough. SO on the way back from the beach I swallowed my coffee pride and stopped in at Starbucks... I actually really enjoyed it! Perhaps the Top Pot glazed doughnut I got to go with it helped, but still. I actually found myself craving some today... I have to get my head around this shocking turn of events. Life as we know it is changed forever.

Or maybe they have some sort of magic coffee mojo hoodoo boodoo which they cast on all those who walk through the Pike Place entrance? Maybe it's still actually horrible crap, but I've been Starbucked?

Miss Luongo

You're so open-minded. Congratulations on overcoming your prejudices. Elitist superiority makes everything taste bitter and burned. Unless you're eating makes that taste delicious.


But elitist superiority is what makes me feel better than everybody else! Hmm... I think I have to go back to hating Starbucks, otherwise my world will collapse.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the most level-headed and calm individual around. Your description is a damn lie. I'll make you pay for it someday.
Anyhow, it was good to see you!


Oooohh, what are ya gonna do? Break the internet over my head? I'm reeaallly scared.


Oh, I mean, good to see you too! Always fun to relive long gone Chiemsee memories... Actually what is kind of depressing about it in retrospect is that it sort of felt like a recent LOST episode... getting together with a few chums back from the island days, now in the hubbub of mainland life and all really wishing that we could get back there...

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