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Monday, May 19, 2008


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Gaseous Clay

Nice read. I, too, love Chicago. Don't think I spent more than a couple of days there, not including completely transient visits, but had a really good time there. The city really sticks in your mind. I still have clear visions of being there, even from 15 years ago, which is amazing considering how piss-poor my memory is. FLW rocks!


Hey, you want to move there? Let's go halfsies on a nice place, I would love to live there.

Miss Luongo

Frank Lloyd Wright had his problems as a designer, I'll concede. His house / studio in Oak Park was crumbling when the preservationists got their hands on it. But, still, I love his work and his decidedly non-Victorian parenting ideas. And naturally, I'm curious about his tragic personal life.

The fact that designers took his Usonian style and morphed it into the Ranch is a shame. I'd have preferred it if they put the fireplace in the middle of the house and kept it as an open plan. But, alas, they just didn't get the FLW big picture.


You mean like about how his family got axe-murdered? Yeah, that was interesting.

Seeing FLW stuff awakens the inner architect, for sure. If I ever build a house, I definitely will go for the Usonian/Prarie style. I wonder if there's anybody around today that does things like that, or if all there is is a modern American wasteland of lazy, soulless, shoddy, good-for-nothing LTS Builders types?

Miss Luongo

Both styles would give you lots of roof space for solar panels.


Those of us food-obsessed, currently trapped in a life full of nothing much and having adventures through your travels are being a bit deprived with descriptions like "good food." Come on! I know you can be more specific and would be much obliged if you could elaborate.


Miss Luongo: Brilliant idea! I think I'll invest. Go Green!

Em: Umm... Really good food? That better?

Ok ok, well, there was a restaurant named Geja that had really good fondue, a restaurant named something like Noodles And Junk that had really good noodles and junk, a Greek restaurant named something really Greek that had really good spinach pie, and a Jamba Juice near my hotel that had really good strawberry and wheatgrass juice.

We don't have a Jamba Juice where I live, ok?

Jimmy "J.J." Walker

"Ok ok, well, there was a restaurant named Geja that had really good fondue..."

Feh - you 70's reject.

Keep it Dy-no-mite!


Wow, with those detailed descriptions I could actually taste the food! Hey, I totally understand about the juice place. There is no Sonic here, so if I see one anywhere I have to stop for a slushy.


Sonic! When I was in Missouri, I came across a Sonic for the first time... we don't have those either, here in good 'ol backwoods, PA. I went there every day for one of their juice slushies. Really good. But I think I actually like Jamba Juice better. (Anybody seen Baby Mama? Jamba Juice is the DEVIL!) I love me a shot of wheatgrass.


J.J.: Fondue is back. It ain't just for yer folkster wannabe parents any more. It's considered pretty hip now, by those in the know. Making fun of Fondue may expose your backwoods, PA roots. I'll forgive you if you open up a J.J.'s Jamba Juice franchise in the greater Pocono area.


Mike what are you doing in that thermal imaging pic? Looks like you've got your knob out.


Hee hee. That's a clever trick I do with my camera. It's called, 'Camera Love'.

Miss Luongo

Is it the thermal spectrum that makes you look so hot?


Yes? No? I don't know? Um... 42? Shucks, now I'm all thermal. Anyway, I look nothing like that in the usual visible spectrum.

Slim Goodbody

The cursor arrow indicates you need to work on your delts.



But the arrow is pointing at my shoulder... What's a delt?

Slim Goodbody

They should invent some way to ferret out this stuff on the internets. Perhaps some sort of dedicated answer-generating device of some kind...

Dusty - er, Slim


Yes they should, but sometimes people can just answer questions, too.


Sounds like you did it up pretty well; I'm sorry we didn't get together when you were in town. Next time.

I've actually never done the Museum of Science and Industry or the FLW tour. When you live here there never seems to be a reason to do that sort of thing.

It is hard to get bored in this city, but it does get gloomy toward the end of winter. Summer makes up for it tenfold, though. If you want, next time you're here Claudia and I will take you to our favorite restaurant and take you just enough off the beaten path to get a feel for the depth of the city beyond the obvious places.


I've never been to the Statue of Liberty, and it's only an hour & ½ away. Well, I vaguely remember my Pop Pop taking me to see it when I was really young, but I don't really have any memory of it other than I remember some talk about having gone to see it. I've actually come close to going a couple of times this past year just to check it off my list, but it's become rather a point of pride by now. I've been to Angkor Wat, but not the Statue of Liberty. Plus it gives me something to say when I'm talking to a local Cambodian who has never been to see the temple, a German that's never gone to the Hofbrauhaus, or a Chicagoan who's never been to a FLW house...

Sorry I missed you though. Bad planning on my part. I find it hard to make and keep specific time sensitive plans on my work trips because I never know exactly what my work schedule is going to be like. I just take advantage of the free time as I get it. Next time!

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