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Monday, May 05, 2008


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Dusty Gozongas

Scott Thompson had a bit part in 'Mickey Blue Eyes'

Highlight of his career! That movie totally still exists!

Who is this 'Julie' you keep referring to? I know her not.


Some cool chick I know that wrote a book.

Who is Dusty Gozongas? I know it not.

Dusty Gozonga

Who is Dusty Gozongas? I know it not.

They should invent some way to ferret out this stuff on the internets. Perhaps some sort of dedicated answer-generating device of some kind...



Not bothering to copy and paste into the google search bar because it's a tiresome chore is the new sloth.

Miss Luongo

You're not crushing my head because I'm blocking you out.


I believe that the correct terminology is "There's nobody Home!"

quiet rockchick

I love the Kids in the to meet Mark McKinney on the SNL set about 10 years ago and he's a really nice guy.



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